Sharks make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt, hoodie, tank top

Sharks make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Sharks make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt, hoodie, tank top

About three years ago, at the start of Jokic’s All-Star run, he and Eichenberger adopted a practice of lifting after games. Eichenberger explained that as Jokic’s role within the team grew, he needed to account for the increased workload. It didn’t matter the exertion over the prior four quarters — or in one notable playoff game, four overtimes — they would lift. “It’s not like you’re a point guard or a fifth guy,” Eichenberger said. “You’re gonna be fighting underneath the basket every single day, you need this. And the only way to do this … is if we work out after the game, we can load you more and you can get a lot more done than just lifting the day after. “Sharks make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt, hoodie, tank top He wanted in. It was about three years ago. He really hasn’t missed a scheduled workout since.” (Jokic won’t take credit, but following his lead, there are now a handful of Nuggets players who lift after games with Eichenberger and Claus Souza, Denver’s assistant strength coach – the “Brazilian mafia,” as they’re affectionately known). Over the course of three separate trips to Serbia, Eichenberger built equity with Jokic. The first time he went with Nuggets coach Michael Malone, he was struck by how friendly the people of Sombor were, how walkable the city was. He also couldn’t help but sense how eager Jokic was to please his guests, ushering them from hearty meal to hearty meal. But from a trainer’s perspective, he took note of how woefully inadequate Jokic’s exercise equipment was. “This is a lot of talent here, and how can we make this happen?” Eichenberger asked. “The main thing that he tells me is, ‘I love home. I’m gonna be home for the summer … We gotta make it work where I am.’ I was like, ‘Cool.’ So that first trip, the first year, was like, ‘We gotta change a lot of stuff here otherwise you’re not going to be able to perform.’” Subsequent trips, with adequate equipment, were more seamless. And on each occasion, though ostensibly work colleagues, they grew closer.

 make my head hurt shirt, hoodie, tank top

He’s someone, not because of basketball, but because of how human and genuine he is, I love having him around my kids,” Eichenberger said. “If you want to ride with someone, he’s the guy,” Jokic said. “If you want to accomplish something, he’s the guy.” Following a slow start last season, Jokic told ESPN he’d lost 20-25 pounds adhering to a workout regimen Eichenberger devised for him. The actual amount Jokic lost in-season was far greater, according to Eichenberger, respecting Jokic’s privacy. “We know what (the number) is,” Eichenberger said. As Jokic pummels the rest of the league, racking up triple-doubles, dropping 40-point games, and leaping into categories alongside NBA luminaries, he’s quick to dole credit to the man behind his development. “Maybe if it was someone else, I would not be there and work out after games,” Jokic said. “Maybe I will not go hard every time in the weight room. I will not take care of my body that much. He deserves a lot of credit, just to motivate me every day. It’s something that I really appreciate.” *** Jokic doesn’t do social media. It’s another quirk and one more reason the Joker is unlike any other superstar in the NBA. Sharks make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt, hoodie, tank top Yet recently Eichenberger sent Jokic a screenshot of seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady. A few years ago, Brady shared a picture on Instagram wearing his NFL combine shirt. The caption included, “This is what they said about me then,” rattling off negatives about his body, strength and athleticism. That same image wound up on Jokic’s phone. “I said, ‘Man, listen, just a reminder,’” Eichenberger said. “‘A guy that can’t jump or can’t do this, they’re saying all these things about this guy, and look at where he is now, just like you.’” A sixth-round pick in the NFL (like Brady) is roughly equivalent to a second-rounder in the NBA. Jokic went 41st in 2014. “To be honest, he’s saying the last three, four years, ‘Let’s do it, let’s win the MVP, let’s win a championship,’” Jokic said of Eichenberger’s Brady message. “He’s the guy who really thinks that we can do it. He just likes to see the big things happen. “We were talking together, like, my body is not built to be athletic, whatever, but my coordination is so good that I put aside all the bad things that I cannot jump, I cannot run fast,” Jokic said. “But my coordination is really good. He really likes the big things.

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He thinks that I or we are really capable of doing big things.” Jokic’s pronoun usage was important. It’s never one man’s journey to the top. reported shark bites across 2020, the yearly report from the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File deemed Volusia County to be the shark bite capital of the world. Once again, Volusia County led the world in shark bites in 2020, and Florida led all states, the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File reported on Monday. Volusia County recorded eight shark bites, none of them fatal. That amounts to 14% of the world’s reported shark attacks in 2020, and half of the 16 shark bites reported in Florida. Worldwide, there were 57 unprovoked shark attacks — lower than the most recent five-year average of 80 attacks annually. Of those, 33 were in the U.S. New Smyrna Beach consistently leads the world in attacks, most of which are minor bites occurring when sharks near Ponce Inlet mistake surfers or swimmers for baitfish. The UF report states that surfers are among those most likely for sharks to bite.

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