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Python 3D Fleece Blanket

The one detail that struck me was how the layout of a house is very traditional. All spaces are open with a distinctive, separate, formal area for the ancestral altar. The TV is typically placed in the center of the house,” he recalled.

Meanwhile, Herbert Laubichler-Pichler, general manager of Alma Resort Cam Ranh in Khanh Hoa Province, likes the jubilance Vietnamese display in saying goodbye to the old year and greeting the new one.

Pichler finds some similarity in Tet being a time for family gatherings and reunions and Christmas time in Austria, where he comes from.

In the 15 years that he has lived and worked in Vietnam, Pichler has created many Tet memories with his second family, the resort staff. Together, they decorate the resort, organize festive events and prepare scrumptious meals to welcome tourists to their “collective abode.”

Adam Calver, director of golf and destination marketing at Laguna Lang Co resort complex in Thua Thien-Hue Province, gained memories for a lifetime with his first Tet in Vietnam.

Many years ago after his arrival in the country, Calver was invited to participate in traditional Tet activities where he learned a lot about cultural practices like lucky money (li xi).

He likes how the country as a whole vibrates with excitement and elation during Tet. Though the official holiday spans just three days, the celebrations last a week or even longer.

Calver, a Canadian, recommends Vietnam to his friends as a great travel destination at Tet time. “All the long-standing customs and traditions are amazing. Tet is an essential holiday that needs to be experienced in person in order to fully grasp just how interesting and thrilling it is,” he said.

Python 3D Fleece Blanket

Tet, which peaked on Feb. 12 this year, gets romantic at Laguna Lang Co in Thua Thien-Hue Province, central Vietnam.



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