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Honestly, Desert Storm we should have finished the job. For the life of me I can not figure out why he did not do it. Bush the elder might have even been re-elected had he shown his bells were ringing like Notre Dame and just done it. But still, when in history does a nation lose a war, lose their territory, and still keep their sovereignty? Saddam just did not realize he dodged a bullet, and he should have played nicer. 17 resolutions, and the UN was powerless to do any more than scoff at him.

It should make people angry also the UN is such a powerless institution now.

COMMENT #204 [Permalink]… Autarkis said on 12/6/2005 @ 5:10 am PT…

Big K: Where was Zarqawi in Iraq? Hanging out in Baghdad with Saddam and shooting pool in a rape room? Or maybe hiding out up north in Kurdish territory that the Ba’athists had no control over? Here’s an educational nugget to chew on.


Yup. I’m sure the public would have been sold on the war based on the argument that 12, count ’em, conventional warhead missiles had been developed that exceeded the legal range. Sure, the British “Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction” dossier elected to speculate they might be able to jigger something else for a payload but, then again, that dossier has its own problems, now, doesn’t it?



Please document your claims of WMD finds and, please, make it better than a pair of crusty Iraq-Iran war era mustard gas shells someone left in an abandoned bunker.

Saddam was a scumbag. Nobody sensible is going to argue that. Now we have license to invade scumbags for the heck of it? Unlike, say, Kosovo there was absolutely no consensus in the region, much less the world, that Saddam was a serious threat to anybody. Otherwise why the resistance to joining us after so many offers of overwhelming support, which we initially spurned just to make a point about our do-it-yourselferness, in Afghanistan?



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