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Peeta in The Hunger Games is a tiny bit more central to the story, but another really good example of this type. His superpower is his honorary doctorate, awarded to him by me, in communications and media studies. He’s not a fighter, really. He doesn’t bat an eye when Katniss takes the lead in a battle. He’s also great at bread and painting. Don’t you think Peeta would have an incredible Instagram? Anyway, toxic masculinity could learn from Peeta. Personalized Sea Turtle As Metal Tumbler

Faramir in Lord of the Rings counts, as well, though you may have to turn to fanfiction to really explore how that manifests in his relationship with Eowyn. There’s not much of it in the books, and even less in the films. The way Finn in the Star Wars sequels instantly falls in love with every person he meets, man or woman, and is ready and willing to help them out with whatever they need is another great example … if only Star Wars had let him kiss and be great!

I debated about whether or not Steve Trevor was one of these men until Wonder Woman 1984. In the first Wonder Woman film, Steve and Diana’s relationship is a tiny bit patronizing at times. It’s understandable, given the circumstances—Diana is learning about humanity in the middle of war, which is inopportune—and not necessarily gendered, but still a little triggering if you’ve ever been “well actually”-ed to death.

There is at least one really good example of what I’m getting at in Wonder Woman. When Steve first lands on Themyscira and witnesses the Amazons defending their island against German soldiers, he sees them do a move involving a shield that he repeats with Diana on the Western front. It’s supportive. It’s helpful. Then, in WW84, magic rock-reincarnated, body-swap Steve Trevor is in full Not Weird About It mode.

As for others who have loved Strong Women™ in the past, Fox Mulder and Han Solo stand on their own as protagonists too much to be considered this type. Their relationships with their Strong Women™️ are also based on bickering and verbal sparring. Jaime Lannister comes very close on Game of Thrones to fitting this description, eventually … but he’s also too protagonist-y and is certainly weird about a lot of things.

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