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To see a museum combining K-POP music with education is transgressive in many ways. It’s really unexpected and attention grabbing.

Abby Bird, Communications Manager for Black Country Museum Personalized School Bus Tumbler

It could be a problem for the museum that for the majority of these worldwide viewers, they won’t ever visit the venue in real life. But the museum believe that ‘depends on how you define the purpose of a museum.’

The Black Country museum will also be used as a mass vaccination centre for COVID-19 whilst it remains closed to visitors Credit: David Jones, PA

Bird says that they are trying to tell the Black Country story, and ultimately ‘Britain’s national story,’ to a younger audience. She wants to take elements of the museum and put them online so people can enjoy and be educated, no matter if they are closed or not.

They hope that when the country returns to some sense normality, particularly with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, they will reap the rewards of their popularity on the app and more visitors will attend the museum. This is particularly key as they are currently closed to visitors until at least the end of January.

We’re the only museum in the top 100 list, that’s incredible. TikTok is an incredibly young app, with lots of young people on it, and to know we’re reaching lots of young people in that way, is just incredible. It just means we’re doing our job right.

Abby Bird, Communications Manager for Black Country Museum




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