Millwright Tools Patriotic American Flag Shirt

Millwright Tools Patriotic American Flag Shirt

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Millwright Tools Patriotic American Flag Shirt

WILLIAMS: I’m trying to make — wait, we can’t be sued, so why should — I got confused — why did you say that, Greg?

GUTFELD: Because corporations and politicians are worried more about covering their butts than uncovering faces. Score.

WILLIAMS: OK. OK. I got it now. So, I think that a lot of people from what I saw is that a lot of people still are concerned even though the CDC guidance came out. People do have concerns about protecting themselves and their families. I can understand it.

I thought it was really good news today in that little bit that we just heard from Biden, he said that for the first time now, you know, the cases — infection rates are down in all 50 states. Deaths are down in all 50 states. And vaccinations he said were now at 60 percent of the American people. At least one shot. I think that’s fantastic. I think that’s evidence that we’re making progress.

So, I mean, you know, I heard — I hear the critics say hey, we — why isn’t Biden telling people they can do without the mask if they’re vaccinated? He’s been slow to tell us to take off the mask. Then now I’m hearing people say hey, I think he was too fast to tell us to take off the mask. So, at some point I think hey, maybe this is just politics. Because I’m getting dizzy trying to make sense of what the critics are saying.

GUTFELD: I don’t know, Dagen. I haven’t heard a person say he’s been too fast with anything. But we predicted this before.

PERINO: I don’t know. Keystone Pipeline.

GUTFELD: The Keystone pipe — absolutely right, yes. That’s a good point. The spokesperson for Pepperidge Farm goldfish is right on that one.

Dagen, we predicted that like, any time there’s going to be a surge or surprise case, the media is going to kick into their fear mongering, profit models like, you know, Bill Maher has been diagnosed with COVID after he was, you know, got this test. And that’s like got scare everybody who already got the vaccine. We’re always going to go through this.

MCDOWELL: Right. I ignore any story about Bill Maher. I ignore it like I ignore his show. So, I hope he’s OK. Sure, he is because he’s vaccinated, correct? In terms — the Democrat governors and Lori Lightfoot was clearly not happy with this mask guidance out of the White House. Because again, maybe they weren’t consulted and they’re starting to lose that kind of control and power that they’ve at least some of it that they’ve accumulated in the last year.


Millwright Tools Patriotic American Flag Shirt
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