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My Spacehey profile, with images from my high school Photobucket account!Screenshot: Joanna Nelius/Gizmodo

Have you heard? The old Myspace is back. Sort of.

Coded entirely by an 18-year-old from Germany named An, Spacehey is near carbon copy of the OG social network’s design in its early 2000s glory days. According to Vice, the new network, which looks entirely like the old network, launched last November and so far has attracted about 55,000 users worldwide.

An told Vice said he wanted to create a social network that offered better privacy and allowed users to be more creative.

“Thanks to older friends and the internet, I heard a lot about [Myspace]. I came to the conclusion that you can’t find something like this nowadays,” said An.

He spent his free time during quarantine scouring internet archives to make Spacehey look as authentic as possible to the classic version of Myspace.

And he nailed it.

Myspace has been rebooted before, but never with the look and feel of the original. That’s what made it appealing, and Spacehey recreates it almost perfectly.

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Spacehey offers a few features the original Myspace lacked, like the option to add links to your other social media profiles on Twitter and other platforms that didn’t exist back then. You can embed content from Spotify and YouTube, which also didn’t exist back then. There’s even a section with pre-made, user-created layouts if you don’t feel like coding everything from scratch—although that’s half the fun of having a Myspace, er, Spacehey.

But all the core elements of classic Myspace are there. Friend space. Blogs. Interests. Comments. Even the little “online now” label. If you’re feeling a little inspired, Spacehey user corentin has a running list of other users who have completely decked out their profiles with fun fonts, bright neon colors, and animations that are almost too nostalgic to handle.

An says Spacehey is more than just a Myspace clone, though. He’s very active on the platform, responding directly to user complaints and unafraid to throw down the ban-hammer on anyone spreading hate speech and harassment on the network. That’s not only a welcome change of pace in the overall social media landscape, but is also in direct contrast to the approach Facebook and Twitter have taken over the years when dealing with misinformation and hate groups.

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