LGBT Eagle Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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LGBT Eagle Shirt, hoodie, tank top

No, that is not the Jesus I read about in my Bible. Are you sure your note a Unitarian?

A note on satire, I realize I cannot write an opus to the effect here. One way to tell if someone is waxing political satire is when they say something with a smile and soon after others laugh. Like when Dean said Republicans are mean hateful white people or Theresa Heinz-Kerry said Laura Bush never held a real job (she was a teacher for the one person by now who didn’t know). Oh wait, no one laughed after those remarks.

In other words, clean up your own backyards before getting on people about their speech. I can find nothing more infuriating than hearing that because I am a Republican than I am obviously not a Christian.

Oh, and by the way, EVERY democrat I know is pro abortion, I have no idea how you can say the contrary. And I know this because I talk to them, in fact I try to convert them from the dark side. I even got a few to go exercise one of their rights endowed on them by their Creator in that little known document call the Bill of Rights. They went shooting with me. And no death or destruction ensued, imagine that.

So, next time you feel the need to sling some mud, like you must think Jesus would totally be �down� for along with the rest of you liberals at least think about it and have some humor. I know you think your funny with this whole Jesus is a liberal thing. Your just not getting people to laugh somehow. Try calling Stalin, or Lennon (not the one associated with the bugs, er beetles but the other one), or Mao a liberal. Oh wait, that�s not funny, they were. Well, I am sure you can find other people. Henry the 8th? No, not funny. Gimme a minute, I know I can think of a funny real liberal��..


LGBT Eagle Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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