It Is All Native Land Shirt, hoodie, tank top

It Is All Native Land Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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It Is All Native Land Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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30. For the dad who likes convenience: Dollar Shave Club

Best gifts for dads: Dollar Shave Club

The last thing any man wants to do after a long day at work is go back out to the store because he ran out of razors (or worse, realize it in the morning when it’s too late and he has a 9 a.M. Meeting). Enter a subscription to Dollar Shave Club, which is one of our favorite subscription boxes of the year. It’ll keep him stocked with all the necessary shaving essentials delivered right to his doorstep.

Give a Dollar Shave Club subscription starting at $1/month (+ shipping)

31. For the wine-drinking dad: Firstleaf

Best gifts for dads: Firstleaf

It doesn’t matter if he prefers red or white—if Dad loves a glass of vino at the end of the day, he’ll love a subscription to Firstleaf, which delivers a box of three bottles each month. One of our editors tried out the wine delivery service and liked the variety of wines available (his box will be curated specifically to his preferences) and how flavorful and delicious said wines were.

Give a Firstleaf gift card starting at $25

32. For the dad who thinks he’s funny: Dad Jokes Book

Best gifts for dads: Dad Jokes

Ah, the dad joke. Cheesy, cringe-worthy, and often poorly-timed, they elicit groans and eye rolls—but also a few laughs. If the dad in your life is famous for his mildly-inappropriate, mildly-awful humor, get him this book which will add over 500 new dad jokes to his collection.

Get “Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes” from Amazon for $6.99

33. For the dad with a competitive edge: Spikeball

Best gifts for dads: Spikeball

There’s no better way to challenge rival dads in the neighborhood than with a rousing game of Spikeball (after all, even though he can’t watch sports right now, he can definitely still play them). Spikeball—which involves bouncing a tiny ball on a net—is one of the year’s most popular backyard games because it’s fun for people of all ages and because you can easily take it anywhere from the beach to the park and have it set it up in seconds.


It Is All Native Land Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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