I Love One Woman And Several Guns Shirt, hoodie

I Love One Woman And Several Guns Shirt, hoodie

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I Love One Woman And Several Guns Shirt, hoodie

Lightweight for heavier lizards

If there’s one thing that’s true about lizards, they know how to climb. They like to climb into things, onto things, up things and around things, but it’s not always easy to simulate that real jungle experience they’ve evolved to love. These bendy, adjustable vines from EONMIR are a useful important toy for any lizard habitat.

Climbing isn’t just about doing what comes natural for a lizard, it’s great exercise, it gets their brains working as they work out which path to take and it’s fun to boot. Creating a good climbing space is a great way to inject a bit of excitement into a lizard’s life, which is why it’s such a fantastic toy.

These 8ft long vines can be wrangled into any shape you want and fixed to your terrarium walls, it uses suction cups, which can be a pain, but their adjustable nature make them perfect for creating a fun run around a habitat.

This lizard toy is not really suitable for the heavier species of lizard – anoles, geckos, chameleons, bearded dragons and the like should all have no trouble – but due to the nature of the suction cup affixers anything heavier is likely to slide the vines down a terrarium wall.

Those examples are more to do with size though, those with lizards that like to live in a more humid environment, like the chameleon, might find the suction cups fail to work for very long. So, it’s worth considering if you have any alternate methods for fixing to your enclosure before buying.

Chuckit! Ultraball

Best hunting toy for pet lizards

Animal size: Medium-large | Enrichment goal: Hunting | Material: Rubber

Very durable

Great exercise

Fun for lizards and you

Not all lizards will get it

No, we haven’t gone crazy, that is a dog ball – it turns out, you can play ball games with your pet lizard. You won’t be playing fetch in the park, obviously, but plenty of lizards like to hunt. And rolling a ball around can help simulate that experience; we can tell you, seeing a bearded dragon pounce on a bright orange bouncy is an absolute joy.


I Love One Woman And Several Guns Shirt, hoodie
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