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Cockpit Flight Control Panel Mug

Led Zeppelin — to paraphrase a quote from a character in a movie named after one of their songs — keeps on getting older, and yet their fans stay the same age.

Formed in 1968 by a hotshot guitarist named Jimmy Page, Zeppelin put out eight albums over the course of a dozen years, until the death of drummer John Bonham ended the band in 1980. In subsequent years, Page and singer Robert Plant have occasionally collaborated, both as a duo and as a reunited trio (for one concert in 2007) with bassist John Paul Jones. Otherwise, Zeppelin has been grounded for more than 40 years. And yet, at this very moment, they remain one of the most popular rock bands on the planet. You can measure this by any number of metrics — record sales, streams, radio airplay, blacklight posters hanging in head shops, and so on. Even as so many bands of their generation slowly fade into history, it seems that there’s always a new subset of teenagers every year who decide they will be obsessed with Led Zeppelin right as their hormonal activity reaches its zenith.

To figure out why this is, we need to look back on their 50 greatest songs. What, exactly, are Zeppelin’s 50 greatest songs, and who decided this anyway? I’ll answer the second part first: Me. I did it. And I took it seriously. I’m giving you every inch of my Zeppelin opinions here.

Do you need cooling? Baby I’m not fooling. I’m gonna send you back to schooling — Zeppelin schooling that is. Here are my 50 favorite Led Zeppelin songs of all time.

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