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86 46 Anti Impeach Biden Shirt, hoodie

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86 46 Anti Impeach Biden Shirt, hoodie

In April, popular high street bakers Greggs posted a pasty puzzle that showed a lone cheese and onion bake in a pile of steak slices.

The brainteaser was inspired by the Where’s Wally-style puzzles challenging people to spot animals amongst throngs of creatures that have been sweeping the net in recent months.

For those not familiar with the baker’s offerings, picking out the pasty proved difficult.

This optical illusion has had pasty lovers scratching their heads – and rubbing their stomachs

The eagle-eyed spotted that the difference lies in the patterns of the pasties.

While the steak bakes feature diagonal lines, the cheese and onion bake is scored with a V-shaped design.

The lone cheese and onion bake is hidden at the bottom right corner of the puzzle.

The cheese and onion bake is tucked away in the bottom right hand corner (circled in red)

Optical illusions have also been messing with people’s heads, playing with the way that the brain processes colour.

This psychedelic pattern appears to show green, blue and pink swirls – but not all is as it seems.

The blue and green spirals are actually exactly the same bright green colour, as shown by a close-up picture.

If you test it out yourself on Photoshop, you will find the colour’s RBG code is R=0, G=255, B=150.

The optical illusion was created by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, a Japanese professor of psychology.

Most of us think the spirals are blue and green because of the Munker Illusion. Simply put, our brains process an object’s colour based on what’s next to it.

It is not the only optical illusions that has been taking the internet by storm in recent weeks.

The geniuses at Playbuzz have challenged brain teaser boffs to see if they can solve four colour-based puzzles.

The second puzzle shows a list of colours, written in five different colours. The words do not correspond with the colour they are written in, for example ‘green’ is written in blue

But all is not what it seems and, as the creators say, ‘only the keenest eyes can pass!’.

The first optical illusion shows 12 coloured squares.

Participants are asked how many different colours they can see – excluding white.


86 46 Anti Impeach Biden Shirt, hoodie
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