2A 1776 We The People Defend The Second Amendment Shirt, hoodie

2A 1776 We The People Defend The Second Amendment Shirt, hoodie

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2A 1776 We The People Defend The Second Amendment Shirt, hoodie

Can you say FX? Imagine this could not be released because of the trail, yet all the films of the planes going into the towers didn’t matter?

Again can you say FX? Oh sorry they say it’s a little grainy, maybe so you can’t tell the cut ins..What about the tape from the gas station…Oh it hasn’t been FX’d yet, coming to you soon!

Impeach and jail the true 9-11 criminals Bush and company! All of them!

COMMENT #75 [Permalink]… Brian said on 5/16/2006 @ 1:15 pm PT…

Jeff you are seriously lacking in logic. Theres no secret, the world knows they all saw a plane hit the wtc, and heard the stories of all 4 planes. Releasing videos to show the impact makes no difference to terrorists. Your use of “conspiracy nuts” just proves where your logic comes from. Think about it. The phrase conspriacy theory represents “nuts” to you. A conspiracy theory doesnt represent “nuts”, it represent another point of view. I think that someone who just resisits an alternate point of view is sharing the same point of view as the people you are calling scumbags. You know the gov’t will lie to you, so just dont believe it when theres no proof to what they are saying. And the proof they have they are refusing to release. I would love to see a jet on the pentagon footage. BVelieve me I dont want to believe that my gov’t would do something like this. But the administration refuses to discuss it because “we are at war.” the war we are at has been created by our gov’t. So they created something to hide behindyou think about it….

COMMENT #76 [Permalink]… Jeff said on 5/16/2006 @ 1:23 pm PT…

Today’s generation with their short attention spans and their misgiuded skepticism have no idea what it means to be at war.

It means (among many other things) that if we have a video showing our enemy crashing a hijacked US commercial airliner into the military headquarters of out country, we don’t release it for the world to see.

COMMENT #77 [Permalink]… Grizzly Bear Dancer said on 5/16/2006 @ 1:24 pm PT…

Thank you comment #54: Next thing you know the Republidem party is gonna admit that they have produced a society addicted to fossil fuel that is destroying our fragile world environment for the benefit of the who..The interests of the oil elite. We must get rid of almost all electable positions in Washington and start working together in the environmental scientific community to stop the irreparable damage of human pollution and warming caused by burning fossil fuels which are melting the glaciers. The result will be increasingly Violent hurricanes, lack of food, increased disease, fresh water contamination and massive specie EXTINCTIONS AND HUMAN DEATHS CAUSED BY CLIMATES WHICH PRODUCE NO MORE RAIN IN AREAS OF THE WORLD. The more evidence to be provided to investigate THE TRUTH IS WELCOME as opposed to the BUSHIT VERSION of anything. Is making our elections legitimate a concern of the the Republidems..NO!!! It is not part of their reality. The U.S. PEOPLE ARE VICTIMS OF FRAUD IN THE LAST 2 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS and all future elections as long as electronic computer machines are used and criminals count the votes without a verifyable ballot trail ARE AT RISK. Did they at least change the date on the bottom to the 11th on the new video release? Excellent discourse so far.


2A 1776 We The People Defend The Second Amendment Shirt, hoodie
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