Yorkshire terrier I am your friend poster


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Ïtz Ür Stårbøy FïstøsUr music is great especially on volume 0%21 . Top FanGiovane RodriguesAlways remembers me a good time and than It becomes one2 . James Rogers OpitoRastafarians do say dont drink and drive but u can smoke weeds and fly high!3 . Mokobi EdwinsHere in Kenya our government is considering the inclusion of your songs in the national anthem.1 . William CatoThis plane and the thrill my favs songs Wiz.7 . Vitalis EwangYou always stay high, young, talented and free1 . John CarrierDon’t smoke yourself into a mess bro1 . Top FanKhumbuzileh ChristieOne day i hope we will see you here in South Africa performing 1 . Tayyab Ali“Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.”2 . Fermiced Thomaz FahadEn just a month back a was knocked down while a was listenin’ to your music..TGOD..a need ya prayers dat a can stand again en catch up with soul “#TGOD2 . Top FanBianca FelskeGuy smoke not too much 3  Yorkshire terrier I am your friend poster

Yorkshire terrier I am your friend poster

Yorkshire terrier I am your friend poster A1

Andre KrugerLove this song great vibe to it and something else1 . Arnold ProsperI love to be irei so there’s no way but only to paff dat tree to  . Pendo KessyMy dear smoking is not good in health my dear . Xperia Marleyyou are true artist and leader behavior I love your music . Fermiced Thomaz FahadImma da rated next weed nigga so register earlier with me for a best weed2 . Wanjobi BernardAs long as it’s high grade cannbis call me over ww go smoke all night long and jam to those hits till we reach to zion . Ran DaneThe picture that’s left on the demo MacBook Pro at the Apple store  . Gerome WareWhy did my doctor say it was evil than. . Jp JohnnyDam u can smoke and post it on tiktok now or is it only allowing you wiz ? . Joey BalestraFirst one back in the day was better . Qwerku BreezeThia boi koraa watsup,u will die oooooo  Yorkshire terrier I am your friend poster

Yorkshire terrier I am your friend poster

Yorkshire terrier I am your friend poster A2

Daveed Lucid Perfect combo cross faded 81 . I WAS OWNEDWiz Khalifa I live in California. Can I get a Cannabis Care Package? 69 . Rahul WadhwaKhalifa man rollin’ them pounds up! 5 . Irene Gallegos…got my son a bottle for Christmas and some Bombay. Okay!8 . Frencys TaylerArt work by: Arten-V6 . Petit DiawSepuer wizi khalifa is parmi best of Rappeur America the generation i wish yu much health peace and love in your life biig up enoy happy very sing tell me and see yu my best fans forever of the taylor gang good job tanku yu6 . Milan DasWiz Khalifa is a legend of Rap in the United States of America. I wish you health, peace and success in your life my nigga! God protects you…30 . Alex N Joanna GaunaC’mon Wiz your definitely our guy but your phrase you put “numbers” is all Larry June. LolOkayyyy!!3 . Cameron AllenI quit my day trading career and investments of over 1.3m to follow and study your music. Much love.2

Yorkshire terrier I am your friend poster A3

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