Write some letters make a word poster


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Song: take a shot and make a tiktok by me . My lady I was called a scholarship before the covid-19 started,now I got information that those people their names came out should forward a video record through their platform I did it but their platform demands iTunes card to process it which I don’t… See More. Was scrolling n seen this, got wiz in the back ground just on that good vibe mood. From one locked down state to another keep your head up!. The 3rd girl didn’t even look like she had anything in her shot glass, but the other ones was believable.. Shots of gin? Puke. Chanel Rogers Write some letters make a word poster Nothing wrong having a fun personality . Nice song big up pls ft Alikiba from Tanzania is gonna be best collaboration in worlds award. Your music makes me happy till I dropped out of school to concentrate more on your music,

Write some letters make a word poster

Write some letters make a word poster A1

One minute of silence to all who commented here expecting that wiz will reply to em. #McQueen and the Violet Fog..!!. If u can make the chrismas a happy one for me i will be happy please. Y’all ain’t really that nice, ain’t hold a candle to the dmv. what’s up my Guy,we really appreciate more about ur nice songs.let the spirit go ahead with joy n love . Give us new song. Yo what’s up wiz khalifa my name is Marc and happy holidays to your family bro. Give us new song. new song wiz . A young fan from nigeria who love you so much. Ali Dakroub Write some letters make a word poster Like  · Reply · 3d. ﺣﻤﻮﺩﻱ ﺍﻟﺸﺒﻠﻲ Like  · Reply · 2w. A young fan from Nigeria who love you much. See You A Gain Like  · Reply · 2w. Hey Wiz. Please take a listen to my sons beats, or any of you amazing fans. Just a proud dad here helping his boy. Much love to all. YOUTUBE.COM SADRadio – YouTube

Write some letters make a word poster

Write some letters make a word poster A2

My favorite hip-hop artiste.. I’m ya nomber 1 fan from Kenya . Faded by Berner is my fav. Ask him why his stuff is so ridiculously overpriced and yet, so mediocre AT THE SAME DAMN TIME . Drew Kenny. Awol Mike. Im berner on my try to know, but i went high. Roll something and Read something. Thank you for all who go to the show . Craig J. Vazquez. my favorite hip/hop artiste…. i,m number one fan from POLAND. Wiz i,m rapper from Poland and you are the best. Pis BRO. should come to durban for some of that poison baby!. I’m burning some Chronic right now . Why do people comment the craziest stuff on Wiz posts? . He doesn’t know me but if you told him a huge fan says hi for me. That’s be amazing!!. Plz what time is it In USA?. Adriana Marie Trevino. Pablo Sackright Wilson

Write some letters make a word poster A3

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