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This women has proven her worth, the past is the past, move on people, what you have now is a women working hard for you and your country,. Janice Kirby I so admire The Duchess, she just gets on with it without fuss!. I totally respect HRH and what she does. I’m American.. Elizabeth Susan Trump Lovely Dutchess works so hard. Wonderful Lady and such a benefit to Prince Charles, you only have to look at them to see how much in love they are . This shows that during the Pandemic the Royal family cares . Concerned for her health safety, but she really is getting out there. What a star, no tarting herself up making others feel inferior just simple clothes and a bit of lippy.. Time moves on, what happened between Charles and Diana a memory. At the time it was unforgivable. Its easy to see with hindsight that Charles and Diana should never have married, but had they not we wouldn’t now have William and Kate. Who as a coupl… See More

Tampa bay times stanley’s home poster

Tampa bay times stanley_s home poster A1

It’s great to see her taking time for the younger generation . Victoria Lynn Purvis She is also good for the Monarchy.. Lorna Franklin Great work by the Duchess of Cornwall . Well done Camilla always working without huge fanfares good for her.. Judi O’Neile So much to do, great to see the Dutchess out & about, social distancing and being responsible.. Love beautiful queen of people’s hearts, princess Diana and her family . Hope there was never had the 3rd one to destroy her happiness, her family then she should be the one there and her kids/ grandkids and family should proud and happy.. The only true and continuous love in the life of Prince Charles, they are befitting each other, may God protect them. And from eygpt with love and respect. The Duchess is so clearly a kind person. Just look at the way she communes with animals and always delights children. The warmth of her heart was overshadowed for too long and now we see the whole person, a model for us all.

Tampa bay times stanley’s home poster

Tampa bay times stanley_s home poster A2

HRH Queen Elizabeth looks exquisite in pink
xx. Mary Lewis
Doesn’t she look lovely in her pink coat and hat
,I’m sure that every precaution was taken to ensure their safety, . How was the Queen and her subjects here not protected by masks?! And the Duke of Cambridge close enough to touch hands with an officer, AND NO MASKS. Poor example, poor judgment, and risky behavior. Be smarter, Windsors!. Loving that no masks are being worn. Fantastic. . How nice to see Her Majesty out and about with Prince William. The Royal Family are not letting the Covid virus stop them from doing their duties. God Save the Queen!. Frances Beasley
I cannot understand that the royals were not advised to wear a mask. Till now Prince William has always worn one and frankly for this to happen on the same day that London moves to Tier 2 level and the rest of the UK is in a serious situation with Covi… See More

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HRH is such an important member of the Royal family. She goes about her duties as the Ambassador of the Queen. Only respect for this hard working Lady. . Vicki Ridout Kett. HRH has been extremely active these past few weeks. Bravo to her. It’s important for morale. She is an asset to crown and country.. Such an asset; hard-working and always so well dressed. Very nice and touching thing to do for people indeed who need a lift she is really trying to support her community, best wishes Duchess and stay safe. The Duchess is a wonderful addition to the Royal Family, and a great wife to Prince Charles!! She’s an amazing lady, who’s very committed to her Royal Duties, supports HM and will make a wonderful future Queen Consort!! Love the Royals.. A caring person who has overcome adversity from the public. Patience is a virtue. Well done.

Oh look, Camilla is doing her royal duties as are Charles, William and Kate, and suddenly, it becomes all about Diana! Listen to yourselves, and who made any of you that judge and carry on, The Queen or even God himself!! Why can’t you stop, and think of Diana’s boys. Furthermore, I hope you have souls that are free of all sin.. The brownies baked by a chef to the royals were a nice touch. I bet they were lovely. I’m sure they will have made a few people feel a little more special receiving them.. Wendy Sommers
Such a hard worker … she looks lovely and even her mask
is co ordinated with her outfit. . Every time I see this woman she has her legs apart .not very lady like. She looks so stylish!. She will NEVER qualify to be our Queen.
William & Kate are the 1st choice.

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