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The physician prescribes. Bao Ngoc felt that the evacuees had been reduced, and the spirit of blood nourished, such as spirit dress, royal court, and dong quai, was added. Bao Ngoc just sent someone to decoction and sighed:
Now how? If there is any fate, then the crime is in me.

Surfing evolution of the surfboard poster A2

Surfing evolution of the surfboard poster

Uncle Hai! You just do your thing! Where am I afraid of TB? Bao Ngoc does not know how, so she had to go.
At noon, Bao Ngoc called for the tired person, the fox left. Although Tinh Van disease is very serious, but fortunately she is now a person who only uses strength but does not use her mind, eats and drinks frugally, never too full or too hungry. Moreover, the esoteric way in the fake family is: no one, whenever they catch a cold, cough a little, they must stop eating, and then take medicine. So when Tinh Van started to get sick, he starved for two or three days, and then took care of medicine again, so although he was very tired, he was enriched for a few days, gradually, it was better. At this point, the sisters in the garden cooking oil in their room, blowing and cooking is very convenient, Bao Ngoc wants to have soup with all of them available.

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After his mother’s burial was completed, Xi Nhan returned. Xạ Nguyệt immediately took Trị Nhi’s stealing, Tình Văn chasing it away, and told Xi’s head and tail. Xi Nhan said nothing but said, “She is also so impatient.”
Recently, Ly Hoan had a cold, Lady’s eye hurt, so the Nghenh Xuan, Tu Yen

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