Sitting bull if we must die poster


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Fergus LuccanGood on United for bringing Darren back into the foldGood luck to him he was a great team player and will be a huge asset 4 . Desmond KiprotichHow will this help Maguire improve his game . Daniel TeshomeFletcher is true Manchester United and has passion 4 . ارشد عباسWe need to organize the defense more. Captain Ryo, we hope that you live for a while with our defense and their direction, as it is our weakest line.3 . Brian Brian JamesRio please come back and help us tighten our backline please Ferdinand . Moh Coffee Mata MataYou must be come based on our defense more improving Rio  . Yonki KasatriahCome mbappe in squad Manchester United1 . Yani ChocalingumHe’s one of the gaffers pedigree…and was always adorned by SAF an unsung hero if you want…some health difficulties really held him back if not he truly would have a flying Scotsman…though he flew high he could have been a better version of the be… See More  Sitting bull if we must die poster

Sitting bull if we must die poster

Sitting bull if we must die poster A1

Amf ArmstrongRio for Director of football.1 . Katie ChestermanNow we need you rio to help with defence!!! 1 . James Rolphunderrated in my mind, him and Ji sung park are two of our most underrated midfielders, hopefully his experience will help out the younger lads1 . Uwabunkeonye Harrison Ark AgomuoWelcome back Darren Fletcher always a united1 . Bryan AgiusSurely there is a place for someone like you.1 . Martin KnowlesRio Ferdinand you next on the staff pal.Much needed I think. . Emmanuel MbwanaMost welcome first 11 of Ferguson  . Real FailsworthWelcome back Darren all the best for the future pal . Daniel AjenifujaWe need you Rio, to coach Maguire,lindelof and others in the backline……ppplllleeeaaassssee . Chris HassellGreat addition to coach team. . Collins MemGood news..can’t wait to see him along side Michael Carrick . Aaron ScottWe need u there rio , you where top drawer  . Okoth Lawi Mc OkothWe need to do a lot of reinforcement in defense  Sitting bull if we must die poster

Sitting bull if we must die poster

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