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Congratulations on an amazing achievement Your Highness. I hope you are doing well. Everything is great. Those are amazing pictures. May all your dreams come true. . HRH is the real deal!! Like all the other Royals, they have a great platform to bring awareness to so much great causes. Congratulations to his trust for helping to mold and shape so many young lives, so that they can have a great future!! He’s proven himself time and time again that he’ll undoubtedly make a wonderful King, with his lovely wife, the Duchess at his side as Queen Consort!! Just love the Royals!!. Congratulations to Prince Charles .What a great program that has changed so many young people.. Great Initiative. Prince Charles and the Dutchess are amongst my favourite Royals . Rocco Lepore The Princes Trust has helped nurture exceptional talent through innovation saving the lives of many whilst benefiting our nation as a whole!

Rugby everything will kill you so choose something fun poster

Rugby everything will kill you so choose something fun poster A1

That is a great visit Your Highness. I hope you are doing well. Is there going to be a virtual state opening of parliament ? I also listen to The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast. I am looking foward to this years Christmas Broadcast this December. . Penelope Jane Doney. Some people sometimes say, “what does the Royals do”? Well here’s a prime example!! A real, down-to-earth couple that takes on their Royal Duties face on, with out any fan-fare. How incredible!! They are always so passionate about everything they do!!… See More. This couple, together with Charles, Camilla, William, Catherine & Anne do so much, are so involved. All those who decry Royalty would not get this with just a President. It’s Royalty that bring visitors to the UK, they wouldn’t have this with a Preside… See More. These two have really stepped up. What an incredible role model Sophie is. Hard working, just gets on with it. Uses her position to help and support others not a bit interested in promoting herself. Incredible support for the Queen.

Rugby everything will kill you so choose something fun poster

Rugby everything will kill you so choose something fun poster A2

Rosalind Nichols. Stephanie Swift. Love this Royal couple,so natural and relaxed,They go about duties without all the attention and are a great asset to Our Beautiful Queen. Linda Flickinger. Thank heavens for these two coming to the rescue. Their hard work has helped greatly to overshadow all the cringeworthy drama we all had to endure in recent months with Harry and Meghan.. Barbara Champion. More hard working Royals – have really stepped up to help The Queen as have all the younger generation (barring Andrew & Harry sadly.) xx. Lovely couple! What a joy it is to watch them interact with students and faculty.. That’s awesome. I had the privilege of meeting the Earl of Wessex at the opening of the British Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia. Very nice gentleman and impressive Embassy.. Karen Siegel. Linda Murphy. They are great dont want any limelight for there efforts xxxxx. So lovely; they’re continuing to make a positive difference to people’s lives. X x

Rugby everything will kill you so choose something fun poster A3

Deborah Moroney. Truly beautiful and thank you, such a beautiful soul x. What a wonderful piece of history! Thank you so much for sharing . What a Blessing . She is the most amazing woman!!. So nice of the Queen to speak (as a 14 year old child then) Our World has been through so much! . We have a Queen to be proud of. So thankful for her. She was amazing right from her childhood!. Wonderful video of her voice as a child speaking to thousands of people. Love her. I almost remember this Christmas Day speech by the then Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret.. We were sent to Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire U.K.. This is so heartwarming to hear . Thank you for your bravery and service, your Majesty!. She is a great Queen and wonderful mother of all. Talk about a lifetime appointment. Bless her heart. She’s seen so much.

What a wonderful couple … a true example to us all. Thank you for your loyalty to the UK and her Majesty the Queen.. Lovely happy pictures They seem to enjoy their visit and meeting people. Always hard working. Could the Royal Family please put a banner headline at the top of all their posts saying Masks are not needed when outside. I used to live on the farm back in the 80’s. It great that it’s still going and getting royal visitors.. Edward looks like George VI so much — his grandfather.. They always look happy and contented in each others company, they interact so well with whoever they are speaking to and always seem genuinely interested in what people have to say to them. A real asset to the Queen.. Pity Megan didn’t take a leaf out of their book they work hard and don’t always have to be in the lime light Sophie is always smiling and so pleasent

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