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For example, in divine love, the object of love is finally brought back to the state of absolute indissolance that attracts human personality; here the egoism is removed in a very incomplete sense, as it is, when man falls into deep sleep (in the Upanishads and in Vedanta philosophy one compares and sometimes directly identification with that deep sleep state of the individual’s spirituality with the universal spirituality). Rip Black Panther. Between the living man and the mysterious “bottomless abyss” of absolute disparity, due to the homogeneity of the two quantities and their incomparable properties, there is not only a living exchange, but even mere co-existence: if there is an object of love, there is no subject – it has disappeared, has lost itself, as if falling into a deep sleep without dreaming, and when it comes back to me, the object of love has disappeared and instead of the absolute indissolubility comes a heterogeneous reality life, with so many distinctions – on the background of the selfishism of the client himself.

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