RBG women belong in all places poster


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A dance battle , is better then a nuclear battle… what a great way to Unite two hostile countries, A Dance Off…….. !!!!!so much better than shooting each other.. But what happens with those guys with the guns in between the gates?. Mia Eleftheriou “when I grow up I will be an army and save Pakistan and destroy India.” WOOOW BIG ARMY GRAAAAPE. I have been there on Pakistani side! Would love to go back and see again. This reminds me of ‘ministry of silly walks’ from Monty Python for some reason . Swati Sradhanjali Archi Banerjee one day we should slip through and Archi can do her signature moves here. Sid, Craig, Stephen get to 1:48.. I’ve been there and it’s the campest show on the planet . Choreographed by John Cleese. this is very near to us we usually go thre for some enjoyment. Sergio V Alapalapino John-Paul Garvey love it

RBG women belong in all places poster

RBG women belong in all places poster A1

To be fair I am Pakistani from the UK and love to go. It’s hilarious when both sides show their anger. No love lost there. THIS SHOULD BE RECOMMENDED FOR THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS, COULD HELP. Chris Patten. Where are the female spectators?… To sacrifice my own life for Pakistan. This is a strange division. They are the same people and only divided in 1947. Should start holding wrestling matches instead, sell tickets and refreshments, draw in a big crowd, winner takes home 1km of Kashmir for their country. . I’ve only seen the ceremony from the Indian side….quite a spectacle…see who can kick the highest !. Great to watch that. Love what they wear.. Good way to disperse the energies created by partition. A little Bollywoodish. The level of ignorance is HUGE. I love this…& so would John Cleese….I bet he’s seen it. John Cleese would be proud of them all!

RBG women belong in all places poster

RBG women belong in all places poster A2

As long it doesn’t hinder the job, why not? Catholic can bring their rosary anywhere, so why she can’t bring a piece of fabric on her head?. Respect for Jacinda Ardern. She deserves all the credits . Madison Ryan Rafuse. That’s great ! and yeah good for her . New Zealand is in a parallel universe/timeline.. Bennett Caldwell. This is outrageous! I mean just look at her! I got to find out what brand of toothpaste she use!. Ramzi Farooq. The blatant racism i see in this comment thread is actually so disappointing . I bet if I touch something about LGBTQ Plus Pro Max, anyone would be mad. Funny how people triggered over her wearing a piece of cloth on her head. Who cares what she is wearing as long as she does her job . No no no. That’s the way they start next they’ll have all the police wearing them we are Americans if they like there way of life move back. I don’t mean to be rude but seeing and hearing things piss u off

RBG women belong in all places poster A3

But won’t arrest males . I don’t think that police officers should wear anything related to what their religion is. In their free time, they should be free to attend to services, to pray as much as they want/needed. I don’t see why that is news tbh.. Hey..if she passed the same tests and physical exams as all the men and can do the job, good for her! As long as it doesnt endanger herself in combat or her fellow officers then i hope she does well!. So the separation of fiction (religion) and law has ended? It does not show the point of being neutral.. As long as their personal beliefs and religions doesn’t effect what they doing and uphold the law of the country who gives a fuck. Love it. Anglos are fine about being emos. Goth. Body modifications. Its their right and belief they reckon. And yet they go nuts about a red dot on the forehead. Turbans. Hijabs. Dude. Cut your finger I swear to you we bleed the same.

How can we ask the police to respect our cultures if we cannot respect their cultures?. Omg wait til the “Sainsbury’s doesn’t represent me any more” brigade catch wind of this. Who cares? Why is this even a concern? Try worrying more about yourself.. Kieran Devlin. Mark Cassidy. a uniform is a uniform is a uniform…otherwise what’s the use of having a uniform…so if I’m a Clown, then I should wear a Klown costume on the beat…ridiculous….that’s why this world is going to the dogs….values are being eradicated bit by bit!… See More. I think it shouldn’t be a problem especially that it won’t affect her job !!. Well the first time she gets yanked around by it, she may wish she didn’t have it. Hope she stays safe.. I mean cool but then again this affects a select handful of people. Why is this getting so much media attention as if it’s something that affects billions

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