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Uyen Uuyang, when she left the doorway, her face was still hot, her heart pounded, thinking that it was an unexpected thing, thinking: “This is important, if you say it, it will involve sexual theft, sexual relations. , can not help disturb others. Besides, if I have nothing to do with me, I should keep my stomachs, I should not tell anyone yet ”. Uyen Uong finished the mockery program and went on vacation.

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RBG with superheroes poster

Since then, often at night Uyen Uong does not come into the garden much, thinking: “In the garden, there are still strange things, let alone places”. So she rarely goes anywhere. Tu Ky was still living with her brother and son since childhood. At first the two were joking with each other, but later on when they didn’t get married, they couldn’t get married. Recently, they have grown up, at puberty, beautiful boys and girls, sometimes Tu Ky comes home, both eyebrows and eyebrows, his old love is very comforting, but they cannot be close to each other. Afraid that their parents would not agree, they immediately thought of a way to bribe the old women in the garden, the door to guard the street, trying to sneak in the mess. The first time we met, though pregnant in a couple, but I was just immature, giving words to give words, filled with many love. Suddenly meeting Uyen Uong, making them afraid to leave each other. The little boy immediately turned the flowers and cut the willow towards the door and sneaked away.

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During the night, Tu Ky could not sleep, regretted it not enough. The next day, he came to see Uyen Uong, his face was red when he was pale, too embarrassed, in his heart wondering, not wanting to eat or drink, standing and sitting awkwardly. After two days, did not see movement, it was a little reassuring. That afternoon, an old woman came quietly and said:

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