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At home he also has two pots, but not as beautiful as this one. Miss Bao Cam gave it to you, why do you give it to someone else? It can not be.
I do not leave the oven every day, I am used to the smell of medicine, and I can smell more flowers so I can’t stand it, I just got sick. And this house is really hot

Rafiki shit's about to go down poster A2

Rafiki shit’s about to go down poster

the smell of medicine spoils the smell of flowers. He brought it there to let the flowers be clean, not mixed with other scents.
Today’s family also has a sick person, the same medicine. Don’t you know?

Rafiki shit's about to go down poster A3

You said it was new. I accidentally said that, but how could I be with you? He did not come early but listened to fairy tales, now he looked sloppy again.
Tomorrow we open the town exam, we have the beginning of the article again, just keep watching at the beginning and tomorrow.
Come on! I do not dare to write poetry again, every time I will be punished, what a shame. After saying that, he raised his hand to cover his face. Bao Ngoc smiled and said:
What makes him a joke? You are not afraid of embarrassment, but you cover your face.
Bao Thoa laughed and said:

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