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I love listening to you. I’ve been sick for 17 days and it’s been rough. My anxiety is higher than ever and as a single mom of two the unknown is the worst. I listened to your video and your positivity and calm demeanor helped me honestly. Control the controllable. I needed to hear that. Racing if everything is under control poster. Thanks for being so uplifting and also for being such a great entertainer and role model!!. 179. thank you dwayne. my sons name sake. yes we will mind strong body strong. live love look after others. xx. Whys he wearing a mask in his own gym . When a former pro wrestler has more leadership in his pinky than anybody in Washington. . Just maybe you should change your support for Biden I mean Trump only has 3 peace deals and more to come what did Obummer and Biden bring… WAR. Have a great weekend to you and family. Wife is so excited to be back to work on healthcare frontlines. All her hardcore studying has paid off. Some day family and I hope to meet you. Take care.

Racing if everything is under control poster

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Love this sentiment Rock! If Biden Wins then I know this country will Finish 2020 on a strong ,positive,Uptick just as you describe. We need something to wrap our heads and arms around. The End of Covid-19 in this country! #1 PRIORITY! Thank you . Ellen Wakelin. I pray you succeed at all you do for your family. Just hard ro be positive when you are 55and facing bei g homeless. Tell do i make extra cash…someone please.tell me. Can’t believe you didn’t hit the air-drums at the end of the video! Play GIF. Dwayne The Rock Johnson – 2020 hasn’t been all bad, I welcomed my baby boy to the world In March and, despite being a lockdown baby, he’s already getting set to give you a run for your money in the Iron Paradise with way he pushes his walker around! . Mask on in an empty gym c’mon rock stop plugging ya new mask

Racing if everything is under control poster

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Garbage. He’s really trying to put alot into a franchise that just sucks. DC will never compare to Marvel. It don’t matter who you cast.. Didn’t know postings were required to have a point….you have a lot of other people to inform.. I’m a huge DC fan and I can’t wait for Black Adam movie, I hope this film reaches 1B in box office same with Dark Knight and The Joker. Dr. Faith, Hawkman, Atom smasher is included this is going to be on . Racing if everything is under control poster. He has went full scale WOKE.. Looking forward to watch the movie black Adam can’t wait. It’s only taken you, what, six years for this film?. Christian Salcedo. Apple Civitavechia Hartono. Dwayne I know this movie is going to be badass looking forward to seeing it. I loved her on Person of Interest!. Congrats Sarah on landing the role. You’re going to be a great addition to the cast. Look forward to seeing you in the show.

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My name is Josue I was wonder if you really read the stuff you are too busy but give me a shout out you can give it back if you really read this right Josue from Puerto Rico thank you man. I love you ” The Rock ” (.. from Thailand .). Thank you too for sharing your great advice and positivity in life. Were are looking forward to see you here Downunder!. Nguyễn Xuân Vinh
Nice guy, in most of his films the director used his real voice, very impressive. I’m trying every day to be positive. Really hard once I can’t bring my mother and brother from Brazil to USA.. You said it champ! 2020 will be closing with a bottle of Teremana and some love from our friends and family! Keep the energy high and thanks you!. I’m positive rock that Your on the wrong side. Ya tell about 2020 needs go lost my mom and my job life can be so hard at times I just don’t know what say but wish all a better 2021 Racing if everything is under control poster. That I am still positive and I am 2 keep up with staying healthy and definitely up on my fitness 3 times a week and have been for a least a couple years now..It feels good getting into a zone of working out plus I got to look good for my wedding next year 2..
all you do and you are a very sexy man,great speaker, great wrestler, and I sure a great husband, and definitely for sure a great father.I
you Dwayne Johnson can’t wait to see you in up coming shows special Red Notice and The Young Rock and all of your other movies you will have coming out..Love the song that was playing in the background and I have the best hits of Phil Collins.. Greetings to you. You are always the source of strength and the positive ability to defy difficulties. Daniel Turner
Your a bloody legend man !! Definitely the people’s champ ..can’t wait to try your tequila

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