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Poster The moon the phases

And if we can recall, in those few weeks ago, Fake fans were saying that Lampard must go, yet at this point in time everyone is happy The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster , nobody is talking those rubbish words at all. “Genuine title contenders”. If Chelsea had lost, you’d be calling for Lampard to be sacked. Such fickle minds among the press and public.. Very soon the whole world is gonna witness the best and attractive football ever!!. ‘looked like’ does not necessarily mean they are.. i told people we are in the race for the title but most people wanted the players to click quickly. Lampards tactics and strategy is boring honestly, I’m a Chelsea fan. We need to beat big teams like Liverpool, man City, mn u & asernal first then 2 face the title. They’ve only beaten Burnley jesus!!!!!!. It’s the 4 clean sheets that are more impressive we know we can score goals its about finding the right balance. Still need a run of games to prove it

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster A1

Need a run of wins if we gonna compete I no its early but sooner we close tht gap the better n distance are self’s from those below. It’s just burnley o. We need to keep up with this kind of performance to be title contenders. Cos they Beat Burnley and one unknown club in Russia…is Hyping a culture in the UK..just asking?. It will end in tears . Atleast Lampard made changes that fans were craying for. Results are coming fans are happy.. Tammy Abraham don’t have stamina and shouldn’t be play any 2nd half. Everyone thought so but now it’s back to reality… they ain’t good enough. That’s a small team. Kai is good,but too slow…when he ups his game chelsea will be ruthless.ziyech takes risks with long passes which is what is needed now.Werner has settled and will cause problems to defences with his runs.Abraham loves falling to the floor The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster A2

The grass was too long and cut in the wrong direction, the wind changed direction at half time, any excuse for this overrated collection of prima donas. Nothing to with fans…lol..The people that made a difference was partey Gabriel and Elnery along with the rest of the Arsenal team……… Omg – it’s cos u are fielding in-efficient players who can’t even be botherd to Chad down a screwed up pass -. IF there were fans, they would have thrown whatever they had onto the field to let these overpaid players know how they felt. No problem the excuse is fine and clear let them keep losing so he can be giving this excuses is very nice. Blames blames so away team came with fans that’s why they won right and united lost because they were denied fans I mean come on Ole be realistic!!if the job is too big for you just quite

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster A3

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