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That statement made Uyen Uighur grief also cried, immediately nodded and said:

It is you to find death by yourself! I did not pay any attention to those things, chirping to harm her reputation. Besides, I can’t easily open my mouth to speak to outsiders. I feel assured, so I try to cure and get rid of it, then keep my position and stop doing any bad things.
Tu Ky kept lying, nod always. Uyen Uong comforted Tu Ky once again.

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Poster oh my eyes phoebe buffay

Knowing that Jia Lian was away, Phuong Thu seemed to be exhausted for several days and was not as good as before, Uyen Uu took the way to ask. As soon as she entered the courtyard, the second doorkeeper saw that she got up and invited her in. Uyen Uong came into the outside and met Binh Nhi from the inside. Seeing, Binh Nhi laughed softly and said:
She just ate a little rice, went for lunch. Please come in here and play.

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Uyen Uong heard that, followed Binh Nhi to the room on the east side. A small complete tea brew. Uyen Uong asked softly:
How’s your wife these days? Lately I see that she seems exhausted. Binh Nhi complained in the absence of people:

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