And she lived happily ever after horse and dog poster


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I live nearby and her visit will mean a lot to the amazing volunteers and guests of this fantastic lunch club. Let’s hope it can remain open and thrive going forward as it plays such an important role.. How nice to see the Duchess enjoying serving dinner.. I live in the United States, and I think it’s absolutely wonderful to see the members of the Royal Family out visiting people and bringing attention to these wonderful social service organizations. I know it must lift the spirits of people in the Unit… See More. It’s so good HRH visited the RVS as I am a user of this service and it’s wonderful they are recognised for the wonderful caring work they do. She looks like she’s being safe with that PPE. Good for her visiting people to cheer them up.. I think the Duchess is fantastic. Well done to all the volunteers who do such an amazing job x

Poster horse and dog And she lived happily ever after

Poster horse and dog and she lived happily ever after A1

We couldn’t have asked for a better monarch Pause GIF. Yeah and nowadays 14 yo “children” play pc games for 12hours straight…. When duty meant to others and not oneself. . I remember it clearly – I was a ten year old Southampton gal.. We complain of lockdown how would we cope if we had to send our children overseas? Some of those children never found their parents after the war. . Her accent seems to be quite different from any British person I’ve ever heard.. Christine Miller McGann. Heartwarming and very brave broadcast. X x. She is just the BEST!. Paula Edmonds. How wonderful to hear Queen Elizabeth voice as a young girl and what a beautiful message she gave to the children and to the people.. The epitome of grace and strength at every age! Such a lovely voice! Praying for Her Majesty and the entire Royal Family.

Poster horse and dog And she lived happily ever after

Poster horse and dog and she lived happily ever after A2

Our Queen Elizabeth continues to be an inspiration to us all. I also admire the rest of the Royal family who are striving daily to keep us motivated and hopeful for the future. . From Princess Elizabeth II to Queen Elizabeth II, not much difference as to how powerful and heartfelt her message was then and still now!!! On taking those vows to becoming Queen, she put her Country/ Commonwealth first, and has always lookout for the people!! She has faced it all, experienced a lot, and it’s always a delight to see her humbleness, her empathy, kindness and caring for so many. She’s undoubtedly a gem and is irreplaceable!! I have the utmost respect and admiration for her. Long live the Queen and God save the Queen!!. Gid save the Queen forevermore. Queen Elizabeth is the most beautiful, smart, kind and has lead zEngland and Common wealth countries for a very long time. Congratulations to all Queen Elizabeth has done and continues to do. We love her and all the Royals.

Poster horse and dog and she lived happily ever after A3

Even if HRH had not done anything else in his life ie. all his other charities, this fantastic and practical Trust would be a legacy to last a lifetime. . Congratulations to Prince Charles great program always keep up the great work you are a amazing in what ever you do may this almighty God bless and keep you safe always
.. Denise Edgeler
A great achievement Sir. Congratulations, many young people have benefitted from this wonderful charity.. He has helped so many young people with the Prince’s Trust. He will make a wonderful King …He is kind and thoughtful, and luckily has a soulmate as his wife….I believe that they make a great team ….!! . Dorothy Walker
The Prince’s Trust has helped so many disadvantaged people to start a business and turn their lives around. Wonderful!!. The Prince of Wales does an amazing job and is truly charming.. Humble Prince is so amazing great respect for you

Wonderful Majesty! How accents have changed over the years. I loved this one!. Mary Herting. Evelyn Farish. This was so very beautiful strong monarch proud to be British and loves her kingdom. Her parents must of been so very proud of her. She has made such a great difference in this world.. Her Majesty’s positive, can do message hasn’t changed much in 80 years. And that’s a wonderful thing. God Save the Queen.. Her Majesty has never waivered from Her dedication to Her people of the Commonwealth, nor to the evolving Monarchy itself. She truly makes monarchists so very proud.
GSTQ! . I’ve watched this speech a few times. Beautiful speech from a young girl. She grew up to become a wonderful Queen.. Jennifer Jesser. Els Barneveld
She is the best of British.. There has never been a monarch like her before. There probably never will be again. I hope we have her as Queen for a long time yet.

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