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Poster doberman pinscher I am your friend · 48:47 Pandemic couldn’t identifiy when cover and handle general next year….   · 8:03 I’m not giving any advice whatsoever only because I live in Sweden. Doing all I can stop spreading this disease..   · 12:32 Specially us African we are jocking this disease.   · 27:16 hehehrhhhh greeting all there doctors and the others… Great join here more….   · 16:49 Good nutrition, adequate rest,effective exercise will keep you going……immunity boosting is the best way forward……   · 2:28 Second virus circulating in U.K. new Covid strain spreading faster than the first Covid 19 virus.   · 24:13 Donating plasma is pulling out the vaccines I’ve had in my life, and I feel better, my foot doesn’t hurt as much.   · 35:30 I’ve heard there has been an increase in covid deaths in Nigeria…. any truth to this?.   · 41:19 We are are very much aware and ready to work with the World health organization

Poster doberman pinscher I am your friend

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Of course, everyone should understand that I will be aware of my own interests, follow the hygiene rules, protect myself and adopt strategies to protect family members. For example, keep the yard clean for free environment and keep the doors and windo… See more. Wearing a Mask and Distancing has exponential potential.. It’s pretty simple. Goodluck Everyone!!. If we globly announce that everyone inhale eucalyptus vapours, in their homes for only 7 days.We can control COVID-19 disease because the covid is basically starts from respiratory system and if we control on it from the start of its spread in all over… See more. But we pigs had never washed hands before… You really have given us some new and revolutionary tasks.. way to go! How much do you earn for that?. One recent Danish study questioned the protective effect of masks for the mask-wearer!. Always be care about oneself abouts health . Poster doberman pinscher I am your friend

Poster doberman pinscher I am your friend

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Mana Ongram
Not a important but much be 2 days a week and in Thailand still can make a spot with a. An Excellent and Extraordinary Advice given by your beloved Honourable Goodself Sir.. As well take yr C for immunity & detox.. NO VIRUS! ITS ALL ALREADY DEID, CLIMATE CHANGE ONLY, HIGH LEVEL OF AIR POLLUTION!. Go to your father vice you will see it. You think most seniors over 65 can still do that!! Dream on. How about this neuropaty problem?in human health. Nothing keeps fit like ma daily gymning. Love you guys.. Stay safe sane and sanitized . WHO help me to differenciate the differences between bacteria and virus.. Yah we are suffering I accept but Tnk God we are still alive. Why nobody help me, im verry sick, im diabetic, im so poor, i need cash for buy my medicine. God protectes us from c ovid 19

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