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Ummmm, little late now? And I thought you said this was a hoax? Oh right, you said you lied about it to not celebrate panic and is head created an anti mask anti science movement that is killing even more. Good job trump. Camionneur à mon père fils affiche poster Sure , the closer we get to November the more hell get panicky and try to look like he’s doing something . Imagine if he did this 6 months ago when we could have prevented all this death? That would have been great. Why did he wait until 210,000 people died?

Camionneur à mon père fils affiche poster

Camionneur à mon père fils affiche poster A1

TELL THE WHOLE STORY. You seized them from CVS pharmacies and other outlets right before they could be distributed for free at a time when schools were about to reopen, when they were sorely needed! Camionneur à mon père fils affiche poster

Camionneur à mon père fils affiche poster

Camionneur à mon père fils affiche poster A2

IQ45 pandering and propaganda at its finest.
And a testament to the craven political motives of #PresidentGoofus, who could have done this before, but instead preferred to lie that things werent that bad.
What?!? Now? How about 6-9 months AGO?!? This is messed up.
Should have been done 6 months ago just a gimmick now to get votes just like four years ago when he conned people about health care plans four years later nothing none of his supporters can tell you anything he has done to help anything because he hasn…

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Bottom line supporting farmers is essential, were talking food, I dont care how much tech, manufacturing or whatever, we would never be able to trade any of that for enough food to feed our population, we need raw natural food production
Trump farmers are going bankrupt due to your trade deal. Crops are going feed people who have lost jobs and are out of work due to your lack of leadership believing in experts in science. Instead of your own delusional arrogant thoughts and actions ha…
U.S. Farm Bankruptcies Reach Eight-Year High [Infographic]

Thank you Mr President for an amazing gift box of food. Our community healthcare system is offering 2 days of gift boxes full of fresh fruit and veggies, cheeses, eggs, yogurt, hot dogs, scrapple and a gallon of milk. Again tomorrow in Whitefield.…
He’s been taking care of COVID, where have you been. He can do more than one thing at a time. Wonderful president.
The United Food Bank in Plant City was part of this program. It was wonderful wonderful wonderful food for everyone and made a difference in people having the most basic need of food met. I am the director of the food bank and had a front row seat to s… See More

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