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The proverb says very correctly: “Thanks to others is not equal to me”. Reluctantly, I have to bother her, I hope she see if there is a gold and silver box that she does not pay attention to. As long as I collect the money in half a month, I will redeem, definitely not let you have a reputation.

You also know how to manage it! Why do you think so?

Oh my eyes my eyes poster A2

Oh my eyes my eyes poster

I’m not lying. Besides you, other people can be sure to have thousands of pounds, but they are not brave people who understand life like you, if I tell them it will scare them. So I would rather “hit a golden bell, than play three thousand cymbals”.

Suddenly, a small woman from the fake side ran to find Uyen Uong and said:

– He called you, I can’t find you forever. Turned out back here.

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Uyen Uong left, Jia Lien returned to visit Phuong Thu. At that time, Phuong Thu got up and heard her husband asking Uyen Uong to borrow something to carry, so it was not convenient to speak up, just lay still on the bed. Seeing Jiaxing entering, Phuong Thu asked: “Has it accepted?”

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