Nurses god says you are poster


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I think pes do a better job than fifa. That David form fifa needs more work. We need you to be the icon for England squad as well! So disappointed to those young lads, money football…. SGE should have taken McManaman over Hesky back in 2002 for the left side. But that was my Favorite era Beckham to watch!. Nice to see he hasn’t included the team that made him – MUFC, but included a pit team in LA Galaxy. Instant respect lost for you there.. I really like playing David Beckham in the fifa games. Unfortunately, the fifa20 game that I played didn’t have Beckham. I finally edited it myself, but it didn’t look similar and dont have the special free kick style . Beckham with no Manchester United jersey?? Shame on you FIFA 21. You can’t even bend it like Beckham in FIFA. But PES did you better. Beck. Nurses god says you are poster

Nurses god says you are poster

Nurses god says you are poster A1

Not at all. We’ve gone through a few bottles since oct . I am searching for a beautiful girl in the comment section, so that I can reply her and send a friend request later, in hope that she will become mother of my child, who is waiting for her at home.. No not at all mulled wine is nice any time during the cold winter days. Not if everyone is putting their flaming Christmas trees up already!!! Cheers!. If I’m drinking it with David, it’s never too early…. Its 2020, its always time.. Nope! My wife and I have had a bottle today while decorating the tree and putting up lights outside. It’s been a crap year fir everyone so a bit of Christmas cheer is needed. crack on everyone . Seer Khan. I don’t know if it is early but I got drunk last Friday with mulled wine Nurses god says you are poster

Nurses god says you are poster

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