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A long time ago, my belief was that people who commit suicide were selfish. I know and understand it differently now. People are suffering, in pain, in a world of darkness, and can’t find a way out of this place. Such excruciating feelings people must … See More Nurse brew poster Beth French He ingested all his pain & couldn’t let you see or experience it. Probably to shield you from it, protecting you — So heartbreaking because he didn’t realize the pain would transfer to you now that he is gone.

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Nurse brew poster

He saw his father for who he was and believed doing his best and standing out would make the difference. But right under his nose, he missed protecting the one sister he had. That hurt him. And perhaps he asked himself; “To what end? Why make all these… See More Nurse brew poster We, as a society, have really dropped the ball on mental health. I had a tough childhood with lots of emotional trauma (raised by narcissists) and we just never spoke about it. I bottled everything up. Years of therapy later with my husband (who had an… See More

Nurse brew poster

Marina Mata Nurse brew poster I miss you and am registered to vote since I was 18 and still vote in every election. Dean Shalmoni I challenge the NBA to go out in to their respective cities to aid in registration. More effective than t shirts and a minute of silence. Voting process is ridiculously hard. You don’t cut of weeds at the top, you get them at the root. You want change,… See More Please use your power to get Netflix to pull cuties. We cannot let our daughters to be exploited. #saveourgirls

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