Native american woman poster


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I’m feeling so proud of Anton Native american woman poster Even though I don’t know your family personally. Love you Rio, leader on and off the pitch. Always lead by example . Thank you for sharing your pain .I know it hurts ,because of those many bad experiences,but you know guys ,you have done your parents proud ,because against all the odds ,you were born to Stand Out ,and hold your heads up high ,because God has given y… See More. Respect Anton I experience racism as a child in the 1980 and my mums parents were racist to but I did not let the colour of my skin define who I am and neither should you blessings to you also Rio bless you all marcia.. An amazing documentary, well done Anton, things must change, this cannot happen again. Thank you for making us aware of what affect this has had on you and your family. Inspirational

Native american woman poster

Native american woman poster A1

Well done Anton. You should stand Proud for speaking out about the terrible virus Racism. We have all suffered for far too long. JT cannot face you he is too ashamed. It takes a Strong honourable Man to take responsibility for his actions and words you my Friend have Proved you have both these qualities. Take good care and Share you’re story whenever you can and always hold you head high. People like JT wil always hide in your shadow.. Rio, Your brother doesn’t need luck, His achieved so much with the backing of you and your family behind him. I’m completely blessed to have watched The documentary but also disgusted about the way the FA treated him. Anton if you read this never give … See More. Powerful tv program. Your poor brother should never have been treated like that. He is a brave bloke speaking out. I hope it helps others to realise what goes on. Native american woman poster

Native american woman poster

Native american woman poster A2Native american woman poster A3

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