Music is what feelings sound like poster


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Ok but what the real cost of Healthcare for all. You are not the rod Israelites look and live and the snake.. WHO wants us all to get health insurance, why? So they can all benefit from it and become richer and richer. They dont care for us, they don’t care whether we live or die. We are just a number to them.. It is easy for an organization to ignore the challenges that the individual face economically… yes Health for everyone iii. If you understand what you write, it is most important to invest into Ayurveda. You know, its not just wellness. Its the oldest medical system of mankind and needs more respect and acknowledgement.. Maybe a good starting point would be delivering food and clean drinking water to impoverished people, rather than making pharmaceutical companies wealthier by buying their vaccines.. This was to kick the control of survaliance of human’s where abouts and pushing vaccines that do not promise immunity Music is what feelings sound like poster

Music is what feelings sound like poster

Music is what feelings sound like poster A1

W H O all part of the globalist agenda, why are people still staving & unable to get clean water surely their billionaire backers could put an end to this if they wanted.. What about mental health? Ever heard about that? . Economy is also health. Health for all….does it means end of pharmacia profiting from cancer as well ?. Go back to the law of the jungle only the strong survive stop all health care nature will take care of the rest I know it sounds cruel but it would work. I should think the WHO’s promotion of the Plandemic would disqualify them from being taken seriously as a “health” organisation.. Health is wealth and without which our world cannot survive.Thanks a lot WHO for the good work you are doing.. no what really taught stop exploiting nature for economics don’t forget why animals were in those cages…… more hospitals more nurses more doctors .less weapons less warships more peace. Music is what feelings sound like poster

Music is what feelings sound like poster

Music is what feelings sound like poster A2

· 6:23
Live Q&A on how to quit tobacco in time of COVID-19. Ask your questions!.
· 6:01
Hhhmm do a single high dose psychedelic experience, showing great promise as being one of the most effective ways to quit..
· 48:14
I gave up smoking many years ago. But Still feel the effects in my lungs, phlegm, and breathing. I love not to smoke anymore. Feel much better..
· 30:29
What is the share of pan chewing in tobacco related problems. Does it have other impacts than smoking..
· 3:13
Anyone on here who thinks WHO is good… do the research please.
· 25:45
What is known about vaping and second-hand vape fumes?. Bjørg Persdotter Haave

· 14:51
So ban the production of tobacco then. It is the best tax-income in many countries, so goverments is not willing to stop selling tobacco..
· 51:29
W.h.o should issue a book on causes of tobacco.and make it essential in every institution

Music is what feelings sound like poster A3

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