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That’s our high school! Way to represent Westfield!!. James Pastoral Mexican dancing live love dance poster OBJ: “I made the best catch in football history”. And it was their only highlight of the game… 38-14. But crazy still! I would never be so lucky. It was alright. I did one better my sophomore year in middle school.. This and Edelman’s Super Bowl catch are the greatest of all time. Duane Jones Jr.. Look at the athleticism? Crazy catch but there’s nothing athletic about sloppily bouncing the ball around.. Wow that’s an amazing catch!!!. Some people are just A Holes! He’s the DB. He came around the receiver and the ball was on him before he could react, but he was able to maintain concentration and body control to make the play. I don’t understand why people on here have to criticize a… See More

Mexican dance live love dance poster

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Roy still look worried in that pic . Meanwhile, Nate just wants a kiss. And Snoop Dogg saved it!!!. Abdullah Wilson. Legit they showed whats possible after 50. This was ground breaking. No egos – just sport and respect. Big ups!. The fact that they had 2 belts, it was already planned to be a draw. Ricky Rivera Mexican dancing live love dance poster All Roy Jones did was hug & had the audacity to say he felt he won the match! . undefined. You people seriously can’t be this dumb right ? It was exhibition Fight Couldn’t swing for KO Couldn’t hit hard. You guys need to stop sweating Jones for hugging so much. It was that, or end up like Nate Robinson, who is still asleep, btw.. They are both clearly done. But that was really fun. It was a great exhibition & I was pleasantly surprised with the presentation. All in all, worth every penny. Enjoyed it

Mexican dance live love dance poster

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I guess that catch makes up for the fact the ball hit him directly in the face.. Dope catch but my center grove Trojans put a waxing on them in state last night.. The hell with the catch props to the zebra calling it correctly. That was the most uncoordinated thing I’ve ever seen. Scott Hansen
Jesus there are so many haters on here… what does someone have to do to impress you? If any of you had done this in a game you’d talk about it till you reached your death bed.. It didn’t tough the ground, great catch. Glad he made the catch after it smacked his face mask lol. Just wait until they hit college and NFL where they will decline that . Maydafourth Cbr
Bro hit his first knee down on the turf so hard
it bounced like 2 feet in the air. Had him looking like he was about to pass like a dog.

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I genuinely believe Tyson could come back and clean up the division !. Hopefully they just say f*** it and go for it. I’ll bet one of them gets knocked silly by accident. Then again WWE could be behind the production of this too, for safety reasons.. I’d maybe pay for this if they played “I Smoke, I Drank” remix on loop throughout the whole show and at one point Roy Jones does his part live. Steve Manning. Apart from the fact both of these guys are making a fortune from this fight it’s completely pointless.. If this fight was in the 1980’s I would be afraid for Roy Jones. in 2020 what ever.. This fight is about 32 years to late . Who cares now that knockouts and knockdowns are rejected. This fight shouldn’t be on PPV with those kind of rules. Hell, shouldn’t be on television period with those kind of rules

I would fold up like an old lawn chair if Tyson grazed me with a body blow.. This was all a joke except for the charity part the only winner here was Vegas.. Tyson is the same age George Foreman was when he retired. Probably. I didn’t see many uppercuts from Tyson. I’m pretty sure they told him not to throw it so he doesn’t Kill Roy.
Pause GIF. This fight was a joke. I was expecting a knockout. What up with all this hugging. Are they too scared to fight? . It was a fuckinng joke. Both of them champions got the WBC belt looking clean…….D,Real hands of steel . A hug match.. not surprised at all it was a draw lol good job old timers. Jones is feeling the pain this morning. Tyson really won this. But since exhibition they decided draw. Crazy.. Man they should really put Mike in there with someone who wants to fight! O wait

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