Latin dance sing love live poster


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They should be proud to have you on the cover. David you are best in pes2021 i have your iconic moment card. I never branch you for a single match. You are the most favourite Legend in pes 2021. King of three lions is back. Don’t buy this game, it’s a trap…. Handsome man forever,,, . always gorgeous. Came from Leyton so why shouldn’t he be!. Are you available in fifa mobile please say please david beckham card will be very best card in all time please available fifa mobile. God of football #DBECKHAM7. Knew it lad welcome back you will be in my ultimate team no doubt. Well, that settles it buying the Beckham cover when it comes out for ps5. My favorite legend in PES 21. Been waiting for them to put you in the game, if your base icon doesn’t have 99 on all passing stats I’m not playing Latin dance sing love live poster

Latin dance sing love live poster

Latin dance sing love live poster A1

Kathleen Williams Latin dance sing love live poster So pleased and proud for you David. I know it means the world to you. You deserve it.Still just as good looking as well. Pause GIF. Pes 21 android still beck my legend.. Gorgeous & a fantastic footballer one of my favourite all time, Bobby Moore beat you im afraid. When I was a little girl about 3 for some reason I was obsessed by him, my grandad would put on World of Sport or Grandstand & everytime he came on I would … See More. But your card is 3* 3* and not really good, shame. Oh come on I already bought FIFA, so unfair! Never bother with the special editions but Beckham!. Last time Becks was on the cover Play GIF. Is this available as an actual PS4 game cover anywhere?. You age perfectly, your the kindest man on this planet and I overly excited to have you back.

Latin dance sing love live poster

Latin dance sing love live poster A2Latin dance sing love live poster A3

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