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Amf ArmstrongRio for Director of football.1 . Katie ChestermanNow we need you rio to help with defence!!! 1 . James Rolphunderrated in my mind, him and Ji sung park are two of our most underrated midfielders, hopefully his experience will help out the younger lads1 . Uwabunkeonye Harrison Ark AgomuoWelcome back Darren Fletcher always a united1 . Bryan AgiusSurely there is a place for someone like you.1 . Martin KnowlesRio Ferdinand you next on the staff pal.Much needed I think. . Emmanuel MbwanaMost welcome first 11 of Ferguson  . Real FailsworthWelcome back Darren all the best for the future pal . Daniel AjenifujaWe need you Rio, to coach Maguire,lindelof and others in the backline……ppplllleeeaaassssee . Chris HassellGreat addition to coach team. . Collins MemGood news..can’t wait to see him along side Michael Carrick . Aaron ScottWe need u there rio , you where top drawer  . Okoth Lawi Mc OkothWe need to do a lot of reinforcement in defense  Judo begins with respect canvas prints

Judo begins with respect canvas prints

Judo begins with respect canvas prints large

Quantity Surveyor Omae DivoGood to hear that my legend Rio Ferdinand  . Brian OkinyiRio greeting from Kenya 2 . Yoyo LauSausageWait for you Rio!! Come back as a CEO!!  . Alimene AmadiOne of the bestWe love him from Nigeria . Tracy EdgingtonNow it’s your turn Rio to return1 . Kemboi Kemznice move fletcher. . Jo McDonnellYou fancy coming back, Rio? . Julius OkiryaWelcome back boy  . Annex JeffChichaWelcome home Fletcher  . Owen Noel MpofuGreetings Rio from SA . Felix KatiRio you are a United legend but stop criticizing our own players. Pogba is still one of us . Roy Andre BrandseggRio when you gonna be defender coach at Manchester United 1st team ?  . Stephen ThompsonGo on Darren Fletcher back you belong home . Thiwakon TimanggoonPlay GIFTenor . Shita MororViva unted well come flechcher to untedPause GIFTenor . Dammy Emmanuel Obis  . Joseph Arthur MensahWow . Wessi Alu Wojjo . Wessi Alu Wojjo . ብላቴናው ልዑልWht abt u myboy . Chan Myae Aung  Judo begins with respect canvas prints

Judo begins with respect canvas prints

Judo begins with respect canvas prints mediumJudo begins with respect canvas prints small

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