I know I play guitar like an old man try to keep up poster


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Great but also may be dangerous … imagine the bacteria spreading in the oceans … hope it will all work perfectly and be kept under total control. While we need to find a way to get plastic out of our environments, we really need to find a way to retain as much as we can from the original material and reuse it in cycles. It’s not an unlimited resource we get it from and our society depends on it.… See More. I read a horror story based on this premise when I was in high school. I think it was called “Mutant 59: The Plastic Eater” I do not recall the author.. I guess if this is possible then the bacteria would find a way to eat plastic as the amount of plastic is going up all the time, so why not use it to eat what we have at the moment! Also it depends on how fast it can munch through the plastic, we need … See More

I know I play guitar like an old man try to keep up poster

I know I play guitar like an old man try to keep up poster A1

I agree that it takes 15 minutes to weed out a jerk, but 15 minutes of any sort of conversation would tell you that. If they’ve already been screened for cultural fit, surely this process is redundant. Unless the building is already full of jerks (and … See More. The issue with this approach is that the people he is interviewing have spent a lifetime in this same scenario lying to get…into college or graduate programs, or satisfy their graduate advisors. All of whom have used the same techniques to be in the … See More. Actually you don’t usually need ‘trick’ or ‘stretch’ questions. A surprising number of candidates make a complete mess of quite normal ones like ‘why do you want to work here?’ . The GM at my job blurted out that he is only interested in getting promoted out of here. How can I, and the rest of the employees just get him out of here? Make him look really good, or show the higher-ups how bad he is? Of course, we risk getting some… See More

I know I play guitar like an old man try to keep up poster

I know I play guitar like an old man try to keep up poster A2

Be very very VERY careful dude! Does “your bacteria” eat plastic and plastic ONLY? If not, what can they eat as well? Also, how hard is it to kill those bacteria? Please notice, if you are going to release something unstoppable, then eventually we wil… See More. … why we create a problem to solve it later on … is this part of AI … or just the way we show off our real intelligence in solving problems ?
Play GIF. This concept is WILD! Would be interesting, potentially scary, to hear the consequences of these bacterias Hannah King. The most appropriate way for using plastics is to reduce, reuse and recycle. Not throwing away the plastics as garbage.. why can’t we go back to easily recycleable glass containers?. I would hate to have it mutate and spread on the land. So much of our products are made of some form of plastic.

I know I play guitar like an old man try to keep up poster A3

They are setting themselves up for failure. This is not possible. Will they ensure those digging rare metals in Africa are given fair and safe working conditions?. Apple has a VP for environmental and social??
What stupidity…..especially for a company that runs sweatshops in china. The right thing is to pay the Chinese workers the same as they would pay the same salary as in the USA.
The right thing is not provide devices to dictatorships and theocracies to help abuse its people.… See More. How about you just pay your taxes for a start. TED is doing propaganda for apple now??. The top 39 inches of soil in average is what makes life possible on the planet… And it’s just getting worse… If we leave it unattended for another 5-10 years.. it would take 100 years to reverse the degradation… When come across this question, is it better to be successful or do the right thing, my answer and preferred method has been to be successful and then do the right thing, with an eye and acknowledgment that you can also do the right thing and then be s… See More

Now do a bacteria that eat air pollution, one that filters water would be nice too.. same idea with a single different point I proposed but my team Yahya Khan Riaz Ud Din Mashwani didn’t take a step. We would have got some fruitful results by now. Still it’s not late. This was known since 1954. There is nothing new here.. Everything that eats leaves waste, does it not? What is the waste product here, and is it an issue?. “winds up”? Surely she means “ends up”.. I propose more human-eating bacteria. Then, you kill two problems at once, plastic and the people who make it.. Plastics make it possible!. We need to stop using plastic!!. Which bacteria to binding PET. My question is answered below. Thank you.. Human main problem is: We are (an environmental) problem!. Plastic is not a thing. There are plastics. Plural. With very different molecules. They would need multiple type of very different bacteria to do this

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