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Do you job a new chapter in your life. No doubt every one is coming out of phobia regarding Corona. We may call it Coviphobia. Hippie girl humanity love peace poster But the disease is there and how long a person can live at home in this crucial era of economic situation.. Hand sanitizer and mask wont work as people running behind wrong things only by using mask u are loosing now a day’s quality oxygen and by sanitizer chemical skin affections so better not to use. Why does the global annual death rate, comparing year 2010 through to 2020, not indicate some kind of crisis?. Where’s their masks . If no mask no entry rule will be implemented throughout the world then vivid 19 ratio will be decreased. In pakistan, already this wil implemented. Still we need to wear mask, social distance, wash/sanitize. Need of the hour we must be carefull. 1 year complete No USE WHO & where’s that’s person’s Telling great Doctor’s & Scientists

Hippie girl humanity love peace poster

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VAR would have overturned RVP disallowed goal. I remember it well. #chukotkafc #chukotka #abramovichfc #chelsky #chelshit. Rajvir Grewal Hippie girl humanity love peace poster Chelsea ended many era’s. Pro evo cover this was . Tyler Lancaster bro look at the hair styles of some of these guys Robben and Peter Czech . What a pass from Drogba. . Before VAR. Cole was too good and underrated. Background guitar source?. Dominic Beard how much does this make you wanna play pes5?!. Remember watching that game! . London is red. Bryce Bouwman robben with hair still looks weird. How we didn’t win that match I don’t know. Joe cole was very underrated. Feel like yesterday, what a classic game. Over 200mil spent and lampard is still in the job, unforgivable. When Arsenal was a football clubs.. Dan J Booker we was there, lower tier, north bank. Ribben had hair!!!!!. Legend. Wow! Amazing Premier league. Old days . Nick Forno look at the squads

Hippie girl humanity love peace poster

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Prime mourinho was the best manager in the world and this chelsea team was the best team in the world . Those years were brilliant. And i remembered so nostalgically. Honestly I would say 2000s Premier League matches were unforgettable.. This was Chelsea’s first win in the Premiership against Arsenal after 8 years.
Edit: 10 years actually!. Badarish Colathur Arvind, this is from the era that Chelsea dominated, just tagging because you felt chelsea haven’t had any such phase similar to what man city or Liverpool are doing now. Fabian Akaeze
When the Chelsea squad had depth! Jose Mourinho revolutionized English football. Prime mourinho was a weapon. Players have to die on the pitch for him. Wenger stood little chance especially if drogba was playing. We are now 6 points away from the top of the table!!. Meanwhile zebras future is in safe hands. Back when Arsenal used to be one of the best teams in Europe

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