Germany deutschland heart cities poster


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A legend Always be legend it’s been couple of years we ain’t hear you put something out to satisfy all your diefan but i wish a wonderful Christmas to you. We’re a couple from Belgium and I asked my wife to marry me at Christmas time (12/24/2014) in one of the most beautiful places in Austria Saalbach Hinterglemm…. I grew up right next to Springfield Ohio I grew up in Hamilton Ohio was u ever there I love ur music and personality God bless u and Chrissy and family Merry Christmas. I Love you. You have personally plus. Your Germany deutschland heart cities poster Music so smooth and calm.. All I want for Christmas is… health, peace & love for your family and you! You have an important place in my heart!. This album is amazing and I play it all the time even at work.. Merry christmas John ! It’s so romantic! Endless love! Big hug from Buenos Aires Argentina

Germany deutschland heart cities poster

Germany deutschland heart cities poster A1

Angel indeed i loved it cried all the way listening. Thank you The Johns. Absolutely amazing and what a beautiful voice love John and you also John Legend. Yes I love his voice is so great . Wow! What a voice he got! Watching the video from Kenya and I love it. Great voice but this song not a good choice.. WOOW I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HIM IN CONCERT. he is a complete artist …. Germany deutschland heart cities poster #teamLegend John Holiday Pause GIF. Great performance!. Charles D. Battles Nice…a rising . I wish you would’ve stay in the lower part of your voice all the way through, that’s where I think it’s fantastic.. Just wow! Such a unique talent. A voice unlike any I’ve heard before. Good for you guys! Keep it up!. He got a unique voice but he sounded like the little munchies off the Wizard of Oz. WOW! Amazing talent! Join nailed it!

Germany deutschland heart cities poster

Germany deutschland heart cities poster A2

Love this guy, he has a beautiful voice.. Amazing performance I just love it. I did not like it. I thought he screeched through it and was off key in several spots. I love that song, especially when sung by Ryan Tedder and thus guy ruined it for me.. L.b. Presley. Hello John..first let me say how sorry I am for your loss. God bless you and your wife. We list ours at 16 months old. Either way..its a pain like NO other.. Simply special and charming. I think everybody should have at least one moment in their lifes to listen, enjoy and dream with these magical voices. They just come from the heaven! Blessing. Always Thank You !. Holy cats! Amazing voice. Thank you for sharing. Wish him much success . Nawwww.. He can sing wonderfully but the pitch on that song is too much. But I loved the try.

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