Carole Ramsay. Whatever HRH Camilla does is fine by me. She cannot put a single foot wrong. What a great addition (eventually) she has been and is every day to the Royal family.. Well done to the Duchess! I know that the royal family get a lot of stick, but this sort of thing shows what a great example they can be to the rest of us in serving our community.. I love how the royals never miss an opportunity to color coordinate! From the trim on their umbrellas on rainy engagements, to the trim on their face shields, they never miss a beat! . Sue Threlfall Gardening that’s what I do I garden I drink poster Barry, it is well known that the Duchess of Cornwall will not be Queen, as it is not in her own right. She will be Queen Consort, as Prince Phillip is with the title of Duke if Edinburgh.. Is nice to see the Duchess do something to help out that she care for elderly. What a great volunteers. What a privilege to help out. Thank you

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Brenda Johnson. Great job Your Highness. I hope you are doing well. Everything is great. Is there going to be a virtual State opening of parliament ? I am looking foward to The Queen’s Christmas Message This December. . Why are people not wearing masks when outside? With the high level of infection in UK the Royal family should be setting an example. Covid can still spread in open spaces!. It’s to bad that USA government can’t be as selfless as the Royals. Sheila Lawrie. Jennifer Mary Craggs. Nice to see our Royal Family getting on with the task, no dramas. Camilla has taken her blows and knuckled down to supporting her husband and the Royal Family. A commoner, meet her people., remember Diana???. When she is out and about that smile must brighten everyone’s day – it’s lovely even here from Melbourne Australia . What I can’t understand is why are the people that are running the royal family down on this page, if they can’t say anything nice in this awful time just ‘shut up’ Gardening that’s what I do I garden I drink poster

Gardening that’s what I do I garden I drink poster

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Carol Ramsell. Yeah, but wtf she destroyed a home, a marriage but again it’s not all her fault. Charles is the guilty party here. Georgia Forshey. Camilla is so at ease doing her Royal Duties xx. Sue Bryan. She has so many qualities which are now being allowed to shine. A love of family, good sense of humour, classic dress sense and I am so pleased that she and Charles have found happiness together.. The Duchess is a lovely caring person she is a hard worker . Lynn Viggers. Very well done to the Duchess, who seems to keep herself very busy and always looks elegant. I admire her.. She looks fab!. Loving the leopard print mask! . Always looks nice.. Joe Ovalle
The Duchess of Cornwall is so stylish
great community work . She’s a hard worker never courts the press and keeps her views to herself she a good addition to the royal family

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Julie Edwards
Wonderful video of Her Majesty, the Queen, making a broadcast to children around the World in the midst of the Blitz. Amazing example to all as, in fact, she has been all her life and how she has carried out all her public duties with such great dignityxx. Beautiful words coming from such a young age . Greetings and salutations, your Majesty. Cousin thank you for being an excellent service to the British Commonwealth. You have always made the family proud. Love you, cousin Lily Beth and tell one, and all I said Hi. May God Almighty continue to bless you and your family, and peace.. She has a strong faith which is Very poignant as the Queen of England and the Commonwealth. Our queen is wonderful, I was saying yesterday I hope she soon gives us, her subjects another short broadcast. And this divine woman is still continuing to this day! I love her!

Sheila Antrobus
Adore this lady who is extremely hard working. Always smart, caring & positive. She smiles constantly & brightens everyone’s day.. That’s the way to go! Roll up our sleeves and get stuck in wherever we can to help and support one another. Well done, Ma’am, for setting a great example!. I agree she is a good example to those who have complained about life in the Royal Family. The Duchess has always been a great person. It’s human to make a mistake. We all do. Great work Duchess.. Well done Camilla. She has been leading from the front during the pandemic – good to see.. Meghan could have learned an important lesson from the Duchess. Len Jen Randall. wonderful organization and look at the duchess enjoying herself by helping others, what a giving heart she has. Well done. Sue Cash. I always liked her. What a great asset she is becoming to our Royal family and to Prince Charles

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