Fishing time spent at the lake is never wasted poster


At the third watch, Bao Ngoc fell in love and called Xi Nhan two hours in a row, no one answered. The provincial wake up, knowing that Xi Nhan is not at home. ao Ngoc laughed. Tinh Van also woke up and called Xạ Nguyệt: Even I woke up. Yet it lies right next to it and does not know a thing, what a dead zombie!

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Xạ Nguyệt yawned, laughed and said: You call Xi Nhan, what’s up to me. What do you need?  want to drink some water. Xạ Nguyệt gets up, wearing only a pink silk cotton shirt. Bao Ngoc says: Put on my leather jacket, be careful not to get it cold. Xạ Nguyệt heard about, returned to put on Bao Ngoc’s cotton otters leather jacket, went down to wash his hands, poured a cup of hot water, took the spittoon for Bao Ngoc to rinse his mouth.

Fishing time spent at the lake is never wasted poster A2

Fishing time spent at the lake is never wasted poster

just take the cup from the tea cabinet, rinse it with boiling water, pour half a cup of tea and give it to Bao Ngoc to drink. Xa Nguyet also rinses his mouth, drinking half a cup of water. Tinh Van laughed saying:
Honey, give me a cup!

Increasingly she went up in the face!

Honey, don’t do anything tomorrow night, let the sisters serve all night, okay?

Xạ Nguyệt had to rinse his mouth and pour half a cup of tea for Tinh Van to drink. Xạ Nguyệt laughed and said:
You and Sister Tinh Van don’t fall asleep, let’s talk, I’ll go out for a while and then go home. Tinh Van laughed saying:
There are ghosts out there waiting for you.

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There is a bright moon out there. We talk, you just go. Talking while coughing a few hours.
Xạ Nguyệt opens the door to the back, lifts the velvet curtain, and sees a bright moon. Xạ Nguyệt comes out, Tình Văn tries to run after threatening to play. Tinh Van trusted that he was stronger than everyone in the past, not afraid of the cold, only wearing a bra, no outerwear, and crept out of the fireplace. Bao Ngoc stopped:
Come on, it’s cold, it’s no joke!

Tinh Van waved his hand and followed to the door, seeing the shimmering moon. Suddenly there was a light breeze,

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