Awesome thanks Mr President. Its about freaking time.. Thank you Shawn Brunel for supporting our HERO President Donald J. Trump. The biggest highlight from the debate went completely unnoticed by the media. During the transfer of power segment, Trump tells Biden that it was Biden himself that made the Logan act recommendation against Flynn.. It is so past time for the Democrats to be held accountable for their crimes.. Well done sir! Awesome! Take them all down!. Mozi Majdi Canadian. Troll!. About time! Hillary needs in prison. Reid Remington Clinton had 2 terms. Trump will have one. The media will do it’s best to silence this, but we all need to see how corrupt the FBI and deep state is.. Gisele Villeneuve. Now is anybody really going to hold them accountable, I bet she doesn’t even lose her job. The Elites seem to be above LAW.. Kenneth Dye it is far from irrelevant, and Joe Biden as VP must have also been aware of the travesty, so many involved from Democrats to FBI. Easily distracted by music and wine book poster

Easily distracted by music and wine book poster

Easily distracted by music and wine book poster A1

I will never ever watch Chris Wallace again. . .ever. Honor, integrity and righteousness vs an opportunist, radical and extremist Almost good versus evil, Mike Pence a Godsend.. The president* shot himself in the foot (feet) yet again ! If I was a betting man, Id say he really doesn’t want to win re-election. Or maybe it’s his cocktail of ‘mood altering’ drugs. I’m thinking he’s a sick old man, who proved to the world that he… . Democratic Party has now become the enemy of the American people…they do nothing but lie, cheat, hate and cause violence at every level! They will not stop until they destroy our US Constitution and regain power! They owe the American people and Pres… See More. The Democrats would stop the Capitalist work of production, companies and jobs that Trump implanted in his first three and a half years, thus raising the economy to accelerated levels to now want to get the Democratic party to change that platform for … See More Easily distracted by music and wine book poster

Easily distracted by music and wine book poster

Easily distracted by music and wine book poster A3

About to see class (Pence) vs classless (Harris). Here to watch strangers get really mad at each other
Pause GIF. Just be fair .And calm and dont be incompetents .Or intimated.. The campaign needs to be asked hard questions.. Does Pence wife Need to be Present in the Debate too. Wow Laura Ingraham. .. awesome show tonight!. Is Mother letting him be in the same room?. I stand with Kamala Harris. Fox News experts huh??? You should ask fox news supporters they are the real experts, we live in these cities and states, why are we never asked your questions?. Bet she picks something long and curled out her teeth. Hope Chris Wallace or Juan Williams won’t be involved!. Glad there’s plexiglass, Kamala is a super spreader.. It’s the Guardian Angel vs the jezebel !. Help us get this Trump Anthem to the Trump foundation. We need the believers
MAGA ROCK by TaxaJermy

Easily distracted by music and wine book poster A2

Also, Obama was caught on microphone saying, “Tell him (Putin) I’ll have more flexibility after re-election.” How much did Obama and Biden have to do with the so called Russian interference they claim is happening here in the US?. Oh people people didn’t you hear joe? Come together love one another ya bunch of racists ! Ya can’t make that
up!!! Someone who has ignored burning of cities for months and kam is bailing them rioters out! Idk how y’all can be for Biden ?. Actually the best president in history!!!!!!!!!. FOX! Don’t forget to report ABOUT STEPHEN MILLER BEING COVID POSITIVE!! its pretty baaaad . I’m really scared with how politics is turning out now. Feel like we’re gradually going down. Please ask her why she had to pay a million in taxes last year on a 174k salary.. CHRIS WALLACE SHARE QUESTIONS TO DEBATE WITH BIDEN TEAM. $3.5 million from the mayor wife in Russia

While its clearly for political and electoral reasons, its a great move for the American people. Democrat or Republican, the truth has got to be out for people to know!. I’m not so sure of Hillary going to Jail. She was just a candidate and she lied! But the big take away is that the US intelligence agencies were weaponized against and Trump and his campaign. And the Obama/Biden administration was in on the Russia … . That’s another shiny object to keep all these morons entertained. Nothing will come out of it.. And while we are at it, let us introduce term limits for everyone. No more career politicians.. Perfect timing Mr. President ! Great idea to drain that swamp.. finally! Trump should say people can pick up their stumulus checks only at the voting polls. That would be a hoot!. Hes tired of fighting with the Democrats Nancy and the house it’s a problem. I think God for our president

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