Dachshund I am your friend poster


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Abu Ekisir AhmedinWhat about Ethiopia? ? Is buttiful country so can u vist my lovely country7 . Brian Zisengwe Never forget Africa’s finest Zimbabwe nice friendly people and weather is always warm you are very welcome to come and experience the might Victoria falls in our country3 . Naomy JavinCome to Kenya the best county in Africa39 . Tom NakholiRio…Africa is welcoming you with wide arms….5 . Msakaike Ochewa Pakwawo KamkwambaWe love you in Malawi , I always remember alot things about you when you were playing with Vidic , it was a strong centre back, we really missing your time2 . Trump KanuPlease don’t come to Nigeria not safe for us we’re looking a way to run out of the country27 . Naalaye CawilLegend Rio Wellcome to the Las-Anod North-east of Somalia15 . Regan DavidsYou always welcome in Cape Town South Africa 6 . Mayor HassanYou’re always welcome home, our highly esteemed Chief Rio in Lagos, Nigeria6  Dachshund I am your friend poster

Dachshund I am your friend poster

Dachshund I am your friend poster A1

Fahrurrazi Fahrur RaziThat true rio..i play football because of him..rip my idol diego.. . Benedick Wa Lesa PatrickHe was the inspiration for many young people in soccer life and playing not for money but for the love of the game,something he loves. . James FlanaganA legend as a kid idolised Diego we all used try bein like him he wil always be the best RIP Diego  . Collins TomnoFootball and the world of sports has lost one of its greatest players today.Rest in Peace Diego Maradona! You shall be missed. . Karifala KamaraGreat player and he did what he did for his country even at England’s expense. R.I.P little wizard . Paula RogersYour mate Gary Lineker is in trouble for his “hands of God” tweet!! A bit crass under the circumstances 1 . John FoyWhat an amazing player who was a football magician.. I loved watching him and yes like all the English people hated him when he cheated. However he rightfully deserves to be amongst the legends of football.. Rip Diago  Dachshund I am your friend poster

Dachshund I am your friend poster

Dachshund I am your friend poster A2Dachshund I am your friend poster A3

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