Dachshund and yoga poster


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Thank you!! Now get the big fish!!! Dachshund and yoga poster So agree! Still trying to FIGURE OUT THE “NAYSAYERS” where the F is their heads – common sense – OH! I KNOW the HATE in their HEARTS blind them! Thank you for the time and money you and AG Barr are putting into this much needed cause. THANK YOU! Bring these children home. Amazing , nowadays we need to be vigilant with human trafficking and kidnapping, in many third world countries they kidnapped young kids and took their organs. So pitiful.

Dachshund and yoga poster A2

Dachshund and yoga poster

Two of the most honorable and patriotic people. Dachshund and yoga poster thank you both! i remind people every day there’s something you can do! thank YOU for shining the spotlight on this horrific crime. i thought human trafficking was smuggling people into the US. i had no idea the depth and breadth of the depravity. i’d … See More Thank you, Ivanka Trump and AG Barr for doing such an amazing job. Thank you for your efforts to rescue our children who are being used in such an evil way. God bless your efforts!

Dachshund and yoga poster A3

Dachshund and yoga poster

This is what service to your people looks like …… caring is action not words or unkept promises. Be wise people when you vote. Make sure you ask what have they done to improve my life and the lives of others!! Dachshund and yoga poster Thank you! It’s about time that an administration puts $ and focus on this. God bless the entire Trump family! Thank you all for your dedicated and gracious service to the USA and the American people. And thank you Mr. Barr for your honest hard work and professional dedication as well.

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