Cheval À ma fille mama affiche


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Before i read your story, when i just saw your picture, I didn’t even notice that you didn’t have hair. Your smile and beautiful eyes were all i saw! You radiate confidence and beauty! Cheval À ma fille mama affiche I remember when I was losing my hair from chemo at 19. I went to get my head shaved. There wasn’t a dry eye in the salon. But I still felt beautiful. You look beautiful and brave! I love this! We have stop teaching girls that their “hair is their crowning glory”. We are beautiful, strong, wonderful and all loads of nice things with or without hair! You rock and I love your spirit for this!

Cheval À ma fille mama affiche A2

Cheval À ma fille mama affiche

I so feel this story. I have alopecia and my son has alopecia universalis which leaves him completely bald with no eyelashes or eyebrows either. It crushed me when we first shaved the bits of hair that were left on his head when he was about 3, but it … See More Cheval À ma fille mama affiche B.J. H. Evans You look FANTASTIC! You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Your hair might have been your best quality at one time, but now it’s your resilience and inner beauty that the world is seeing!

Ted Bownas Cheval À ma fille mama affiche You look beautiful! I have two sons with alopecia Areata, and they are the strongest, most resilient kids I know. Love from my baldies. Mary Parker I’m experiencing hair-loss too. I totally understand wanting to shave your head, I do it whenever my hair grows long enough that the thinning becomes too noticeable. (Pic is the first photo I took after shaving my head the first time. It took a little … See More

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