Chandler bing I'm not great at the advice poster and canvas prints


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Bob Ross judges your predrawn trees!! Play GIF. Billy Saddler thats the kind of tablet/ laptop fearne wants. Jason Berczel this is pretty cool , is that like what you have on your ipad?. Teemu tässä sulle kiva video millä saat kulutettua aikaa . Jehanne c’est ça dont on parlait!. Hvilken app bruges der ?. David tuto dessin sympa . Ida Solvejg Svendsen – nummer 2, hvis du kaster dig ud i noget der minder om den, vil jeg gerne købe en . Julie Bhe Flora Dorez c’est vraiment quelque chose l’iPad. Got nothing on this guy. Digital on the left Ink on the right.. both equally hard to do.. with that said, you do have people who cut corners with digital art.. so you definitely need some talent… I love procreate! I need to buy more brushes. undefined. Surprised apple ain’t trying to sue her. Brigitte Patrick Renard montre nous tes talents !

Chandler bing I’m not great at the advice poster and canvas prints

Chandler bing I'm not great at the advice poster and canvas prints A1

I absolutely loved the nostalgia feel it had to it.. the old video recording of families Christmas’s the old hair cuts the old clothes it really did take me back to being a kid with my mum and sisters!. Brett Douglas Holland It looks like every other Christmas advert I’ve seen over the past however many years . Why is there such a fuss over the colour of this familys skin? They are a family at Christmas, surely skin colour is irrelevant, I really don’t get what the problem is.. If you can’t relate to this advert you must be a carrot, a bear, a snowman, a penguin, or a cartoon figure.. What’s better to represent Christmas than spending it with the ones you love and eating what you like..? Thank god we’re not all the same, that’s what makes the beauty in the world. Miranda Knudsen. Who the hell “can’t relate to an advert as basic as that. Only people full of hate and jealousy would feel negativity through that advert.

Chandler bing I’m not great at the advice poster and canvas prints

Chandler bing I'm not great at the advice poster and canvas prints A2

People need to get a life. It was an add about happy humans and we need more happiness in all our families. Thought it was a lovely add. Well done to kids.. How incredibly sad. What is with the blatant racism coming back . This family does represent me because there a happy loving british family couldnt care less about the colour of there skin and anyone who does, what the hell is wrong with you. Dylan Altoft. this advert was intended as one segment for one big commercial, which would later feature a family of different ethnic groups.. Paul Carter
I don’t care what anyone says, I loved it! No intended message, just a normal family looking forward to Christmas.. Well the perfect portions one doesn’t relate to me as I’m not Liverpudlian and my dad didn’t cook . How can you NOT relate to this advert but you can relate to a literal carrot celebrating Christmas

Chandler bing I'm not great at the advice poster and canvas prints A3

Do should we never have disabled people because they are not the majority of people? It’s weird if you that you think people in an add have to look like you to connect to them.. we are all connected by our humanity.. I watched the advert, didn’t even notice the people in it, neither did i notice the type of Xmas dinner they were portraying. Do people really have nothing better to do with their time than to whinge about everything???? Bloody hell…..It’s getting an… See More. I watched it and it reminded me of my family. My husband has got orders for his xmas gravy. Brilliant advert. I think it’s a fab advert a family enjoying Christmas and they can’t wait for dad’s gravy it’s fab. Couldn’t give 2 fucks about the colour you are … the Internet, especially Facebook , has giving rise to sad little degenerative shits with nothing better to do with there time other than moan about everything on TV or movies … how sad and pathetic … See More

That commercial is sweet and adorable, how the fuck can anyone have a problem with it?. I mean they don’t represent my Christmas but that’s Purely because my dad would be Asleep with the vicar of dibley still on the tv , the turkey wouldn’t look that nice ( sorry mum ) and i don’t see any Arguing ?! WTH ?! . Doesn’t relate to who? People who don’t know what happiness, love and wanting to see your family feels like?. It’s a tv add for Christmas why does skin colour have to come into it happy Christmas every single person on the planet . “I can’t relate” says person who’s fine with a man living on the moon, a sentient snowman or a dragon. All this said… I think the slogan there’s no such thing as bad PR applies here.
The racists will all return to Sainsburys when they get hungry or run out of beer.

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