Cat they don't care what car you drive poster


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I have a severely disabled son. I am keeping him home and safe. He is not hurt by lack in in person learning. He would be more hurt if something happens to him or one of his parents.. Know what those kids’ parents need? You to concede.. President Trump is among the very top, of the best Presidents this Country has EVER seen. I’m 69 yrs old and I haven’t seen any President do, for the people, as much as he has or, fulfill his promises.. Thank you President Trump for working so hard for the American people. We really appreciate it. We love you.. Too bad our fearful leader didn’t institute a serious lockdown back during the window when the thing was actually stoppable. He could’ve prevented this. He was warned. He was given an explanation. Nevertheless, he persisted.. As an educator and school board President, I can truly appreciate the President’s efforts, however, our governor is a major roadblock in California! ALL students are suffering and ALL students will carry learning deficiencies throughout their education… See More Cat they don’t care what car you drive poster

Cat they don’t care what car you drive poster

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Still trying to push in person schools and ignoring public schools.. Don’t be fooled. This is all about draining funding for public schools and pumping money into private (preferably religious) schools so that his buddy Betsy DeVos can further her plan to destroy public education.. Scholarships? How about aide to poor kids in poor schools that are tuition free but lack resources!!. So funny how the trolls on here laugh on every comment, but they’ll be the first ones to sign up and take advantage of the opportunity. . Can’t do that when republicans refuse to give the people of this great land money in which to live how they choose…nice try . How about working on logistics to get the vaccine to Americans ASAP? You’re a nightmare.. No one cares what he says or does any more….. The next guy will use this to push unhealthy information on poor kids. “High Cost of Good Intentions.” A book everyone needs to read!!! Cat they don’t care what car you drive poster

Cat they don’t care what car you drive poster

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This rule should apply to the Coronavirus vaccine. I myself plan on taking it when it becomes available, my husband too, however that doesn’t apply to everyone, nor is everyone ready for that. Flu shots are available every year, yet that doesn’t mean i… See More. Primarily the left, they just don’t get it. They refuse to give him credit no matter what. They hate our president more than they love our country, sadly.. Trump abandoned the youth of this country. When he named Betsy DeVos education secretary he showed he didn’t care about education.. “We The People” thank you President Donald Trump, that is why 74 Million plus voted for you to be our President for the next 4 years. The People elect the President, end of story!. They need to get rid of common core and put respect back in schools!! No I pads, textbooks, learn cursive, tell time and add and subtract without a calculator!!

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