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Ronaldinho could have been better than Messi /Ronaldo. But… his party life cause his career to be very short, not allowing him to get enough recognition. Ronaldinho Gaúcho the . None before NONE AFTER IF YOU TRULY LOVE THE GAME THAT’S THE GUY… THEY TRY TO HIDE AND REVILE HIM BUT STILL SHINES. Real talent and ever smiling, chipping david seaman from like 50 m , and his elclassiso performances were out of this world… Great player but the performance of Brazil in the group stage was utterly disgraceful.. The most incredible match of Ronaldinho on The 2002: assistance, goal and Red Card. He was better in 2002Wc than 2006Wc when he was at his best.. Ronaldinho’s incredible freekick against England have found It’s permanent place in footballing history. He was a breakout star of that tournament making the world take account of his talents.. He said he watched and admired the legendary Austin Okocha plays ……and today you all rated him as one of the best Cat clean your beans poster

Cat clean your beans poster

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When I was young literally almost everyone’s favorite player was Ronaldinho he was special. Looks like you enjoyed the cop Jarlath. Did Fin have an exciting Birthday & Christmas.. The best player ever in my opinion.. Cristiano can’t even clean Ronaldinho’s boots.. The 2002 Brasil team is the best ever,i remember watching all their games back then.Imo Ronaldinho is the second greatest player of all time in his prime,after Ronaldo Nazario.They both won practically everything,something that Christiano and especiall… See More. Ronaldinho’s only big game for the Brazilian team: England. One (01) game!. I remember ronaldinho goal against England that make Brazilian fans go braless some almost strip naked what a fantasy seenario every good thing deserves another #GUCCHO. Ronaldinho’s incredible freekick and magical skills. Such a great entertainer. Excellent player and won absolutely everything that a player can win. Will always be remembered in football. He was incredible to watch in 2002 as he introduced himself to the world and choked in 2006 when everyone expected him to pitch Cat clean your beans poster

Cat clean your beans poster

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Never be a Brazil team like that again unreal. Say what you want but he was untouchable by defenders in THOSE days . Unforgettable moment of that world cup was the goal he scored against England in the quarter final….Brazil were the well deserving champions. After winning everything in soccer he decided to quit an just party cause he had nothing more to prove to the world. for me Ronaldinho Gaúcho is the best player ever seen.. When Brazil was at their best. I still likeMessi but Ronaldinho was from another planet too. That’s for sure. You can call him the magician or an artistry he was the best the fan winner what a player Brazil have produced . Even smiling when the red card was shown. What a player. He played very well in the 2002 World Cup, but the best Brazilian player in that competition was Rivaldo.. When soccer (football) was packed with real talents…

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