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Laura GrandyPutting teachers and adults that work in the school next in line for vaccines would be the best incentive.23 . Jean Riffelwe sent our kids back in Ontario Canada, the kids were happy to be back, a lot of work for the teachers with all the protocols but made things feel more normal and parents could work. was a success here. but then in Dec we had the 2nd wave … See More . Jennifer PansonI teach in California. I had to pay for playdough to send home with my Kindergarteners at the beginning of the year, when my grade level asked for journals to send home with them in November we were told no, there is no money. Where are they going to r… See More9 . Angela TrujilloFebruary is a bold date to reopen schools considering their numbers. 30  Camera anyone can take a picture poster

Camera anyone can take a picture poster

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Chris TineThe incentive could be put safety precautions up and provide simple things like soap2 . Roy McCandlessWe are in WW3. Why expose children, families, and teachers to the bombing? It’s like putting them all on the front battle lines.13 . Julia IreneThe governor cannot mandate schools reopening. 7 . Chris D WoodsLol lol this shhhh is so insulting that it’s not even funny, any plans to get the teachers vaccinated first… 12 . Kerry KrempaskyYou can offer districts more money, but if you can’t protect the staff, no amount of money will help. It’s only half a year…not forever. If kids go to school 180 days a year, who do they socialize with the other half of the year?7 . Lexi SzymaszekUhhhh are all the teachers getting vaccinated before??? This is ridiculous10 . Heather SimonsenIn February?!?!? That’s way too soon. With the numbers as high as they are today, no way. I’ll continue to keep my three young ones home. 11  Camera anyone can take a picture poster

Camera anyone can take a picture poster

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Kirk OmGOP incentivizes sending kids into harms way, but no 2k incentives to pay rent and stay home. Don’t be like the GOP3 . Fred JohsonHerd up the future of the USA like cattle onto buses & tell 7 year old’s to BE SAFE @ recess ? ~ Sounds risky ~3 . Pao ValeriaI’m not going back unless I receive the vaccine or numbers go down. 1 . Brandye JonesHe closed them but now says he’ll pay them to open….. ok gruesome…. . Aroos ShaneWhat, is he going to put each child in a bubble in schools? If he’s going to suffocate these children for hours by enforcing masks on them, he can shove up his plan.  . Danika PearceMoney over children and teachers safety.11 . Albion EatonSo we have a plan for February. That’s also a plan for March, April, etc4 . Jen Burk ReynoldsThis is so twisted…2 . Mike Diotte2nd Strain in circulation, let’s risk bringing it home… again…11

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